3 Best Zero Electric Motorcycle

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Motorcycles are some sort of passion for many people. This especially includes people that are addicted to fast speeds. That’s why several popular brands invest a lot of effort to develop new amazing machines at least once a year.
However, riding a motorcycle is not so good for our environment. People that want to keep their environment of eco-friendly realized that electric motorcycles are a lot better choice.
Still, many people are skeptic about electric motorcycles because they didn’t have a good reputation in the past. The most experienced motorcyclists have considered them as some sort of flimsy toys for a long time. But, did the thing remain the same?
Well, a famous brand Zero has improved the bad reputation we talked about. They developed some fast, powerful, and quiet models indistinguishable from their gas-fueled counterparts.
Of course, not everything about this brand is perfect. Our intention is not to promote it through this article. The common disadvantage of each Zero model is price. Their vehicles are a bit more expensive. Yet, that doesn’t need to concern you at all. For a bit higher price you will get a strong and powerful machine that will last for a long time.
We know that buying a new electric motorcycle is a challenging process. Because of that, we want to highlight Zero’s electric motorcycles that are the best ones for everyone’s needs.

Zero SR/F (2019-on)

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This model is one of the best electric motorbikes that you can find on the market. It is hard to decide how to start a review of this model. It provides a truly comparable power that will satisfy every motorcycle fan. Logically, it has some disadvantages as well. So, let’s start explaining.

The model comes with an air-cooled AC motor. We need to say that this type of motor is the most powerful one that Zero released in the last few years. However, that is not the most significant improvement. It has a large and powerful electric motor that is rated at 110bhp. Besides that, whopping is rated at 140ftlb of torque.

Still, we need to mention that these features cannot directly translate into real-life speed. The reason is simple – there is no gearbox. It comes with a direct-drive, twist-and-go setup which basically means that low-speed acceleration is muted. The maximum speed capacity is around 120mph. Still, we need to say it is quite impressive at the speed from 40mph to 80 mph.
Another thing that concerns the majority of electric motorbike drivers is recharging time. Well, this is not the brightest side of this model. You will have to recharge it every 50 miles on average. In case you are traveling on the mix of country and town roads, it can potentially last around 75 miles. But, if you strive to drive it only inside the town, the model can last around 100 miles. As you can see, this model is not dedicated to people that plan to go on longer trips. But, for those that want to get to work a bit more quickly, Zero SR/F is a perfect solution.

The recharging time varies. More precisely, it depends on which way you change your motorcycle. For instance, if you use the basic three-pin plug, the recharging time will last around 4 hours. Still, in case you find a three-phase power source, the charging will last no longer than 2 hours. These sorts of chargers you can find in public places such as public charging stations. However, it is good to mention that the three-pin charger doesn’t come together with the item. That can make you some additional costs.
Logically, this model does not have a petrol bank. Instead, it has a lockable storage cubby hole. Most of the people use it to put a charging cable there. The TFT is decent because it offers plenty of useful information.
Finally, this model comes with a specially-designed app that allows you to choose the riding mode performances. There are 4 of them – Street, Rain, Sport, and Eco. Logically, Sport is the most engaging one and most of the users are usually in this riding mode. Yet, keep in mind that this mode consumes the battery very quickly.

ZERO DSR (2019-on)

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Are you an adventurer? Well, that means you will need an electronic motorbike designed for adventures.
The previous version of ZERO DSR (from 2018) was also a good pick. Still, it had some disadvantages that are improved together with this version. For instance, one of the most significant updates is a new model of battery. This model comes with a ZF 14.4 battery that lasts longer than the previous one.
The size of a front wheel is 19 inches. Their bars can be a disadvantage and an advantage at the same time. It depends on what the user likes to see. We need to mention that they are a bit higher and wider than usual.
The first feature we will talk about is torque. Zero announced that the powertrain delivers more torque than the most powerful 100cc sportbike. This statement is partly correct. You will be able to feel the full power of torque only in sports mode. Still, that doesn’t mean the torque is not impressive. The power of torque is incredible 116 lb.-ft. It reaches 90% conservation of energy efficiency with only one moving part of the Z-Force powertrain.

Many experts have tested this model to see the battery power. The results are decent. First of all, when you run top speed, the rate of battery drain will also increase. With the maximum speed, the battery will potentially last around 60 miles. Still, if you do not prefer to drive this vehicle at the maximum speed, the battery can last for around 150 miles. Logically, the durability is not fixed. It depends a lot on the path you are traveling through. The best results you will be able to see while driving in the city area. These are good results, and we can conclude that improved battery truly improved the characteristics of this machine.
We can’t write a review without mentioning the capacity of a motor. This version comes with 69bhp, 108ftlb motor.
The price of this model is quite handsome. It is a bit more expensive, but it is cheaper than the previous model. We can conclude that this model is perfect for adventurers that are not ready to spend a lot on a new electric motorcycle.

Zero FXS 2023

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We will continue to write in the same manner. We said that Zero DSR is a bit cheaper model. Well, this model of electric motorcycles is actually the cheapest one. However, the price does not impact on the quality of the item. It has some amazing features.

This item comes with the most modern Z-Force powertrain together with Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires. This means that motorbike can reach a high speed with silent, massive, and instant acceleration. You will see that this model is quite modern because you can pick several different performance profiles with only one button. Users will also have the option to connect to the vehicle with their mobile devices. They can choose between two modes – Sport and Eco. The only thing you will need to do is to download the Zero app.

The battery lasts long compering to other electric motorcycles. You will be able to ride up to 100 miles in the city field. Charging the battery over the night is the best solution. Still, if you are in a hurry, there is an optional accessory Quick Charger. This option allows you to reduce the charging time for an unbelievable 60%. Logically, in this case, you won’t be able to experience the full durability of the item.

This is not the only advantage of the batter. Zero FXS 2023 allows you to use two different battery configurations. More precisely, you will be able to add the second battery that will double the range of the motorcycle.
Finally, the warranty probably describes how powerful this model is. You will have a power pack warranty for the next 5 years. For some models, there is no specific number of years for the warranty. The number of miles is actually a factor that determines how long your vehicle is insured. In this case, the number of miles is unlimited.


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We have come to an end and it is the right time to summarize everything we said. Zero SR/F is definitely the most powerful machine on our list. Still, the quality you will get costs a bit. So, if you are not ready to invest a bit more money, this model is not for you.

Still, if money is the main problem, ZERO FXS is a great choice. You can get a high-quality electric motorcycle for a fair price.
The common feature of these three models is the low sound they produce during driving. This is one of the main reasons why the popularity of electric motorcycle rapidly started to grow. You will be able to enjoy the sounds of nature.
Anyway, taking care of our environment is always going to be a good choice. This is something that electric motorcycles offer to the world. So, are you ready to take one?

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