7 Best Electric Motorcycles for Kids

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You can often hear people saying that their childhood was the best part of their life. However, when we were kids, we barely waited to become grownups. One of the things that we all wanted as kids is to drive a car or motorbike.

Fortunately, we live in a world of modern technology. Almost every day we can hear on the news that scientists invented something new. Electric motorcycles for kids are probably the favorite invention of youngsters. They now have the opportunity to “act” like grownups.

Still, it is understandable that parents do not want to buy absolutely every model of electric motorcycles for kids. They hesitate which model is going to ensure the safety of their kids. Besides that, you already know that kids like specific designs. It will be hard to explain why a nice-looking electric motorcycle is not for them.

That is the reason why we want to highlight some of the most impressive electric motorcycles for kids on the market. These models have some amazing features, but they are also well-designed.

1. Monster Moto MM-E250

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The first impressive thing about this model is – stability. The bike frame is made from heavy-duty steel. However, it also comes with wide tires that will ensure the stability of your child. Besides that, the height is low. Kids will be able to touch the ground at the same moment when they stop.

Here comes the main part. This electric motorcycle can reach the speed of 11km/h. But, if you think that is too fast, you can always reduce the speed to 7km/h by using a switch underneath the handlebar. Speed is something that bothers most of the parents. You can customize it easily and be calm when your kid drives the bike near the street.

This model is suitable for kids aged 9 years and above because the weight of the item is around 130lbs.

Still, there is one small disadvantage that we need to mention. The battery does not last long. The capacity of the battery is only 45 minutes. Except that, ignition switch tends to burn out sometimes. Yet, it is covered by warranty, so you won’t have to worry about that.

2. National Products Police Motorcycle

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We already said that kids like specific designs. Keep in mind that most of them would want to become police officers one day. That is the reason why you should buy them a police electric motorcycle.

The maximum speed of this vehicle is 4 kilometers per hour. This means that kids will always be near you. More precisely, they cannot run away J

This motorcycle comes with a 12V battery. The battery of this sort will ensure that the motorcycle works somewhere between 50 and 60 minutes.

Still, we need to mention one thing. This is not a motorcycle for older kids. It carries up only 11 pounds. It means that this model is perfect for kids above 5 years old.

3. Razor RSF350

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The size of this electric motorcycle is not as usual. You will be able to find a lot of electric motorbikes that are larger than this one. Still, the size of the model does not impact on the quality of its performances.

The previous two models are not famous because of the strong battery. This time, things are quite different. It can last for 2 or 3 hours. Logically, this depends on how fast your kids drive the motorcycle and where.

Experts say that this model is perfect for 14-old kids. However, that is not the precise factor. If your kid is above 140lbs, this model is not for you. There is a good reason for that. There will probably be problems with front ball bearings and torque.

4. Razor Dirt Rocket SX500

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Once again we have the model that is popular because of its safety. First of all, the seats are more comfortable and extensive. Besides that, the suspension is improved a lot comparing to some older models of this brand. Finally, something that the majority of parents will like is that ground clearance is only 21 inches. All the features that we mentioned will guarantee the safety of your child.

The entire mechanism of this model is strong. That is the reason why your kids will be able to drive their vehicle on hills and rugged terrains.

The battery has its advantages and disadvantages. When we talk about a flat train, the battery life lasts around 75 minutes. However, if your child picks to drive on hilly terrains, the battery will last 20 minutes. This maybe sounds bad, but most of the models on the market do not have the capacity as this one. Most of them will lose battery after 5 or 10 minutes on hilly terrains.

However, there is one disadvantage that could be annoying. The battery charging lasts for around 8 hours. This is quite a long time and kids sometimes get nervous because of that. That’s why we suggest you charge the battery over the night when kids are sleeping.

5. Razor MX650

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This is the third Razor model that deserves to be on this list. However, there is something specific about this model. It is suitable for the older generations of youngsters. This includes kids that 14 years and older.

The best part of this motorcycle is the suspension and braking. They work perfectly in absolutely every moment. This is especially important in case of an emergency. You can be sure that your child is going to be safe.

The ground clearance is only 20 inches. We said that experts suggest this model to older kids. Yet, because of very low ground clearance, even a 2-year-old kid will be able to handle this electric motorcycle.

The top speed of this model is 17km/h. This means that Razor MX650 is one of the fastest electric motorcycles for kids on the market. We suppose that this is not good news for parents that worry too much. Still, that is the reason why experts suggest this model only to younger teenagers.

It has only one disadvantage. The charging time of the vehicle is 12 hours. However, it doesn’t need to surprise us because it is one of the fastest electric motorcycles for kids of today.

6. Hoverhearts Kids Electric Power Motorcycle

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It is the right time to stop with Razor models and to add Hoverhearts’s models on our list.

This model has one amazing feature that absolutely every child will love. The wheels come with blue LED lights that are making the entire electric motorcycle a lot more attractive.

We cannot say that this is a very fast model because it can reach a speed of only 5 kilometers per hour. Yet, this could be an advantage for parents because their kids won’t be able to go too far. Because of that, this motorcycle is suitable for kids aged three years and above.

Besides blue LED lights, the wheel comes with a rubber strip on the center. This rubber strip boosts the stability of the item. It makes it very easy-to-use for absolutely every child. They can drive it in hilly places as well.

Still, there are some disadvantages that we need to mention. Some parts of this electric motorcycle are made of plastic. Those parts probably would not last as you want. Logically, if you take care of it, there should not be some larger problems.

Another problem is charging light. It simply doesn’t exist. You do not know if the battery is full or not. Some users thought that the electric motorcycle of their kids stopped working because they didn’t know the battery is empty. Because of that, we suggest you charge the item at least 4 hours per day.

7. Lil Rider Motorcycle for Kids

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This model is dedicated to kids that are between 2 and 5 years old. The foot pedal of the electric motorcycle is reachable for the youngest ones. Besides that, the sound effects of this model are interesting and attractive. Kids can imagine that they drive a true electric motorcycle. The stickers on the vehicle make the item even more attractive. That is the reason why we think this is a well-designed electric motorbike for kids.

The entire model is mostly made of plastics. Still, the quality of that plastic is high and you won’t have to worry about the health of your kids.

The maximum speed is 1.2 kilometers per hour. That is definitely an advantage for parents that worry too much. Yet, it can be a disadvantage for kids because it is too slow on hilly terrains.


We highlighted some of the most attractive and high-quality electric motorcycles for kids. They are all unique in some way. However, all these motorcycles are affordable. That is a common feature of all of them. Parents won’t have to spend a fortune to get one for their kids.

If you don’t like any of these models, it is okay. Maybe your kid likes some different designs. Anyway, we suggest that safety should be the main priority for you. Check the safety features of the vehicle you want to buy. It is not the point to get a nice-looking model that is not safe.

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