Activa 6G Scooty – Expected Price, Specs, Colors, Release Date & Mileage 2023

With the popular success of Activa 5G, which was launched, just recently, rumors have already started to do the rounds about the company contemplating an electric variant for its next generation. It is widely expected that the company would introduce Activa 6G next year and it remains to be seen if it would be an advanced version of the current 5G variant or a new electric version with radical changes being incorporated into it. But the moment the rumors started doing the rounds, we decided to collate all the information we could on Activa 6G and to prep a review, just in case. It should be pointed out that all the information posted here has been vetted and double-checked for veracity.

Activa 6G Scooty

The Activa 6G price is dependent on a lot of factors including the popularity of the brand itself. Given that the brand is already popular with the public, it is expected that the new price would not change by much, except in case it introduces a trim just for the electric variant. It is widely expected that the new price for the 6G base trim would be around 63000 inr with the premium trims ranging around 68000 INR. The electric variant would cost around what a premium trim is expected to cost, but may even come with a steeper price tag depending on its functionality, and whether the scooter in question requires a few essential accessories.

Activa 6G Design – Led Headlights, Digital Speedometer, Front & Read look

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It is not expected that the Activa 6G would come with any major design changes; it may come with a sharper front apron and the transition to a digital instrument cluster from an analog one would be complete with the next generation. It is widely expected that Activa would make the jump to a completely digital instrument cluster with the next generation and this should also help the company save up some space on the front. This can enable the company to slim down and overhaul the design complete with a better and sharper front apron, complete with LED headlights, turn indicators and LED tail lights in the back.

It remains to be seen but from what we have confirmed, it seems that the 6G version would come with some exterior changes. The seat unlocking feature was moved to the front with the last version and it is expected to retain the same spot with 6G. It is also expected that Activa 6G would come with a larger wheelbase and slightly larger wheels so that should lend it a more aggressive look than earlier on. And chances are that the fuel tank would still be located under the seat so you would still have to get up each time, you want to fill that tank.

Activa 6G Electric

According to news and insider, it is believed that Activa may launch its upcoming 6G model in electric variants as well. The Price and specs would be completely different than the regular model. If Honda is believed to do this, then this would be a milestone for the company. Honda is a trendsetter and I have guts feeling they are bringing something new in Activa 6G for sure.

Specification of Activa 6G

Given the popularity of the Honda Activa engine, it is widely expected that the next generation would contain the same engine with a few changes to optimize performance.  It is expected that Activa 6G would come with the same 109 CC engine with a power output of 8PS as well as a torque of 9Nm. It is expected that the company may rework the old suspension used for the earlier models so the 6G variant should provide you with a better ride as a result of its new suspension. It is expected that the Activa 6G would carry the same 10-inch tires or go for slightly larger ones. But one particular rumor was confirmed and that’s the 6G variant would come with an advanced braking system which should enable it to stand out for the right reasons. One of the reasons that the earlier variants of Honda Activa were so popular is on account of its highly responsive engine, and it is expected that the new generation would come with a tweaked engine for optimal performance as well as telescoping suspension.

Activa 6G Features

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You can expect the following features with the new Honda Activa 6G, such as new digital indicators, including a dedicated self-start button. It is also expected that the new model would also feature a digital fuel indicator which has yet to make an appearance on the central dash to date. It is also expected that the new model may also feature an alloy revamp as well, and is expected to go from 0 to 60 KM in ten seconds.

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Activa 6G Scooty Colours

Since you are planning to purchase a vehicle, you would naturally want to purchase it in a color of your choice. Fair enough and where this particular scooter is concerned, it is expected that it would come with Terrance blue, imperial red, as well as Matte. You can choose any one of these or opt to customize your vehicle with the right garage.

Honda may launch Activa 6G soon in this year and below are identical colors I am guessing they would be offered. (This is because there is no official detail out yet about colors.)

Activa 6G Colors (Expected)

They have launched Activa 5G with 8 colors and this time I am expecting the same as that would be offering the same colors in Activa 6g too. Though you may get a couple of new sheds as well.

Activa 6G Best Selling Colors

Activa 6G in Black Colors

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Black is a standard color people are usually purchasing. Though due to hot weather and considering the color quite negative impact, people look for more sheds as well.

The Activa 6G in Black will offer a decent and serious look which line up with style statement.

Those who want to look aggressive and stylish can go for this color.

The benefit of black color is you can make it shine very quickly.

So if you are looking for buying new Activa, you should wait for some time as the launching is not yet announced.

Activa 6G in White Colors

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Do you want to know what is the best selling color in Activa? Well, it’s white. And Honda will continue offering white in Activa 6g too.

White is a colour everybody prefers. It gives a good look and positive vibes in compare to black.

Those who want their Activa looks always new must go with white as the scratch and marks are rarely visible in white color.

Also cleaning and maintaining looks are easy as the dust particles are also not much visible. The colors give a unique style statement with the best resell price.

So guys go for White and wait for the launch of Activa 6g.

Few More Option available in Activa 6G Colors

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Blue Color

Honda introduced these colors in 5g and you may get the same or similar shade in Activa 6g too.

Yellow Color

This is one of the most attractive colors honda has introduced and I hope they will continue this with 6G too.

Metallic Color

You may have the option to choose from gold metallic or silver metallic. this is a shiny color and gives awesome looks for riders.

Red Color

Honda Activa 6g in red will be more attractive than other colors so far. As the red color has a special place in the vehicle and you may find the colors in almost any brand whether its car of the bike. So there won’t be any surprise if Honda may launch Activa 6g in red too. wait for it!!!

Silver Color

This is another version of the metallic color. The other option is Gold metallic.

Brown Color

Brown is quite a dull color if we talk about the vehicle which gives a style statement to your lifestyle. To claim my statement I ask you how many vehicles you can see on the road has brown color? and let me know by the below comment form.

I would appreciate if you come across any information about Activa 6G Colors, Please share it with me. Also, let me know your preferred choice for colors and why?


It is expected that the Honda Activa 6G would more or less retain the same size as before, with nary a change, except in case of an electric trim being introduced. So chances are likely that the next generation would feature the same size and dimensions as the current model.

Activa 6G Mileage

Activa 6G is an efficient vehicle that boasts of good fuel efficiency. Do note that the mileage for riding your scooter at peak traffic is bound to differ from when you ride the same in the country. And as the engine is powered by a 109 CC engine with the engine displacement standing at 109.11 CC, you can expect the performance of the vehicle to vary accordingly. It is expected that the 6G variant would come with a mileage of 55 kilometers per liter. If you are worried about the long drive and fuel consumption and want to check activa 6g fuel tank capacity than let me tell you the new Activa 6g will have around 6 litter of fuel tank capacity

Release / Launch Date in India

It is expected that the Honda Activa 6G would go into development early next year and shortly after that it would be launched next year June/July. The launch may take place earlier as well as the June/ July is at most a tentative guess on our part.

But the one thing that you can count on is that the Activa 6G would definitely be a joy to behold. It is expected that the new variant would come with some stunning graphics on the body which should make it all the more attractive. It may also come with better mileage and may even come with electric trim. It is important that you review all the information posted above and choose the right scooter for yourself. The bottom line, you need one that comes loaded with advanced functionality and is fast as well. Just remember that you can always do a price and specs comparison after the product has been launched. In more ways than one, Activa 6G is widely expected to stand out from the rest.

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