Bajaj CT100 Price in India, Mileage, Specs & Features

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Right after nine long years, Bajaj Auto has finally remodeled their Bajaj CT100 into a more advanced, high-performance motorcycle for all. It’s actually an entry-level commuter motorcycle that is available in the Indian motorcycle market nowadays. In other words, this will be perfect for all those people who are still on the advent of their professional driving journey.

Bajaj CT100

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Good mileage, vast service network, and good value for money are the things that many people love the most regarding Bajaj CT100. It is capable enough in serving its purpose well to the people who drive it. With this, there is no way you will feel regretful in investing on this motorcycle.

Engine: 99.27 cc

Mileage: 89 kmpl

Power: 8.10 bhp

Price: Rs. 36,828.

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Bajaj CT100 Specifications

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Bajaj CT100 is built with an engine that has 99.27 cc displacement. It is a single-cylinder, four-stroke engine that is also a natural air-cooled one. It has a maximum power of 8.10 bhp at 7,500 rpm and a maximum torque of 8.05 Nm at 4,500 rpm. It even has a digital CDI ignition type. With all of these things, it is just right to say that this motorcycle is powerful enough for the people to use in traveling to one place to another.

The mileage of this motorcycle is a remarkable one, which is 89 kmpl. This goes to show that this can be your perfect option if you want to have an extremely fuel efficient bike. This can then help you in saving some more bucks from the fuel expenses. Its maximum fuel tank capacity is around 10 liters. Thus, it is not bad to use when you are going to travel to far places. With its 90 kmph top speed, there is no way you will come late in your very important appointments, may they be personal or business matters.

As far as safety is concerned, Baja CT100 can never put your life at risk if you just try to be responsible enough while driving. It has a drum braking system that will help you control the speed of your running, making the possibility of road accidents lesser than ever be. Even though it has a curb weight of 109 kilograms, its speed can never be interrupted, and you can have full control of its weight while traveling on the road since it has a lower seat height and a ground clearance of 169 mm.

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Bajaj CT100 Design

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This motorcycle model from Bajaj Auto is designed with a face-lifted front view. This is made this way in order for it to be very unique amongst other motorcycle brands and models that fall under the 100 cc category. It is actually engineered to be simple yet a stylish one. It is simple in a way that you cannot see any complicated details on its design, and it is very stylish in a way that it underwent some great innovations from the old CT100. Because of this, this motorcycle is way functional compared to before.

For color variations, you should be happy enough since you can choose between the four color options if you finally decided to invest in this motorcycle. The available colors you can select are flame red, electron blue, ebony black (red decals), and ebony black (blue decals).

Bajaj CT100 Features

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You may find this motorcycle to be less in terms of features, but it rests assured that you can only get less from it in terms of performance and comfort. It has an analog speedometer as well as a trip meter that will help you a lot, especially when you are driving with it on national and city roadways. It has a fuel gauge that will help you monitor the amount of fuel it still has. This is not a digital fuel gauge however

Truly, Bajaj CT100 is a worth-investing motorcycle because of its high performance, not to mention its lesser price compared to some other motorcycle brands and models.

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