Bajaj Dominar Mileage – Real Mileage, Comparison & Guide for How to Increase Mileage

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Indian bike market in one of the biggest markets in the country and with the new vehicle being introduced every single week by the two-wheeler manufacturers, the industry has come up as an ever-going industry. However, apart from being a large industry, there are a few brands that are preferred by the customers and have higher sales than most of the other companies operating in the country. On such a company that has been in the market for quite a time now and has provided the customers with numerous top-notch, performance-oriented vehicles intended for the Indian buyers who are willing to buy a perfect combination of power and efficiency is the Bajaj.

Bajaj Dominar Mileage Reavlead for 400 and 200

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Whether it is about the gear-less scooters or the bike, the company has always provided great products to the customers. Now the company has come up with its one of the most awaited products for the Indian youth, and they have named it the Bajaj Dominar.

The bike is designed for the Indian you who love having a bike that is sheer performance-oriented and has a never-before look from the brand. Apart from the design and reliable brand name, Bajaj Dominar has numerous such features that are firstly introduced nu any two-wheeler company and this is the main reason why the Youth was eagerly waiting for this amazingly beautiful bike from Bajaj.

In this article, we are going to talk about the features, mileage and other things about the bike that you need to know as a buyer before making the purchase. So, be our guests until the end of the article to know more about this bike from Bajaj.

The bike will be available in the two variants Bajaj Dominar 200 and Bajaj Dominar 400. Supported by brilliant design and efficient engines, these are going to be the best premium class bikes with flawless performance and value for money.

How to increase mileage in Dominar

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As both the variants of the vehicle have higher power than the usual sports bikes, the mileage of the bikes won’t be the USP of the vehicle. However, by following some simple rules and following the ideal biker’s guidelines, you can be assured of getting the best mileage from Dominar. For those readers who are willing to buy the bike and want to have good mileage, here are a few simple yet effective tips that can help you out.

  • Drive safely
  • Avoid unnecessary raving
  • Use high-quality fuel
  • Don’t miss a scheduled servicing and maintenance regime

These simple yet important points can help you a lot in getting good mileage from any vehicle. So, try your hands on them and experience the difference in mileage and performance.

Bajaj Dominar 400 Mileage

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Now once you are aware of the way to increase the mileage of your vehicle, now it is a good time to know about the mileage of Bajaj Dominar 400. We will talk about different aspects of the overall mileage of the vehicle so that you can decide better whether you should opt to buy the Dominar, or not.

  • ABS MILEAGE: 24kmpl
  • CITY MILEAGE: 19 kmpl
  • TOP MILEAGE: 25Kmpl

Bajaj Dominar 200 Mileage

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Comparatively, the Dominar 200 has better mileage than the Dominar 400. Due to obvious reasons, this is a better choice for buyers who are looking for a perfect blend of power and efficiency. So, if you are thinking for the options, the Dominar 200 would be an ideal choice for you.

Here is the mileage data of Dominar 200. Go through it, and decide which of the variant will be a better choice for you.

  • ABS MILEAGE: 26kmpl
  • CITY MILEAGE: 25kmpl
  • TOP MILEAGE: 27kmpl

Bajaj Dominar 400 and 200 Top Speed

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Another aspect on which the Indian youth choose their dream bike is the top speed. And as the Dominar is a premium product from the brand, you can expect the good top speed from it, without compromising with the stability and control of the bike. Talking about the top speed of the Dominar’s both variants, the 400cc variant will be able to reach the top speed of 148kmph, whereas the Dominar 200 can reach the top speed of 130kmph easily without revving the engine too hard.

So, now you are well aware of the two most important aspects of Indian premium biking, mileage, and top speed. Now we will compare these bikes with some of the best-selling competitive bikes in the market that you can choose to buy. By doing this brief comparison, you will be able to decide whether you should opt for these bikes or go with the bikes that we have compared them with. So, let’s get started.

Dominar 400 vs Dominar 200 Mileage

The very first comparison is between the two variants of the Dominar. The Dominar 400 which has an engine displacement of 400cc, has an overall mileage of 23kmpl which may vary according to your driving conditions. IN the normal blend of highway and city driving the bike will give you the mileage of somewhere 20kmpl which is a good number for a 400cc bike in this price range.

The Dominar 200 is a 200cc bike that is comparatively more fuel-efficient than the 400cc version of the bike. The Dominar 200 is capable enough to provide you the fuel efficiency of 27Kmpl and an overall mileage of 24kmpl for a blend of city and highway drive.

Thunderbird 350 vs Dominar 400 mileage

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In the category of 350+cc bikes, the two of the most obvious choice for the comparison is the Thunderbird 350 and Dominar 400. Talking about the mileage, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is slightly better than the Dominar 400. The Thunderbird can provide you with the top mileage of 30kmpl, whereas the Dominar 400 can provide you with a mileage of 25kmpl. So, the choice is yours which will be an ideal pack of performance and efficiency.

Duke 200 vs Dominar 400 mileage

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Comparing the two variants of the Dominar bike, the mileage is better with the 200cc bike for the obvious reasons like lesser weight and more efficient engine. The 400cc variant is intended to give top mileage of 25kmpl, whereas you can expect 27 kmpl or even higher with the Duke 200.

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