Bajaj Platina Price, Specification, Mileage & Design

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Bajaj Platina is a commuter motorbike from the Pune based Indian manufacturer Bajaj. Bajaj Platina specifications fit to be in the lower price segment, moderate performance tier. Those who require a motorbike for daily commuting without spending much money every month for fuel and maintenance could look into the Bajaj Platina. The design is impressive for a basic commuter motorbike, the features are totally worth the reasonable price a buyer has to pay and the longevity has never been better. It’s a complete solution to anyone looking for an easy fix to daily commuting at a cheaper cost, yet much classy.

Bajaj Platina Price & Specification

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Engine: 99 cc.

Power: 8.20 bhp.

Mileage: 90 kmpl.

Price: ₹45,271

Bajaj Platina Design

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How much the design of the Bajaj Platina looks appealing to anyone is a matter of personal preference. Because the motorbike remains in the lower-tier motorbike segment, the outlook hasn’t been paid much attention but the mileage and engine specifications had been. Yet the design is impressive for a motorbike of this class, there are enough style elements that Bajaj Platina has. The spokes on the wheels have more gap than the more powerful ones, that’s because this motorbike wouldn’t need very compact spokes to offer protection against breaking in much higher speed. The cowling in front, domed headlight housing, protruding indicator stands, and the rearview mirrors are all suited to the main body color – nothing looks unadjusted or weird on top of the basic design language. The seat is pretty much straight, unlike the motorbikes with divided seats. For family usage, this wouldn’t create an issue. However, it’s a matter of personal preference and if someone prefers the rear pillion seat to be in higher levels than the rider seat, the Bajaj Platina might not be the motorbike they are looking for.

The regular Bajaj Platina comes in three colors – black maroon, black and flaming red. However, there’s a DTS-i engine version of the Bajaj Platina that comes in three different colors – ebony black, electron blue, and candy red.

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Bajaj Platina Engine Specifications

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The engine is a tiny 100 cc displacement engine. The power output from this engine doesn’t have any complaint though, consumers get exactly what they pay for. On the other hand, a low powered engine saves a lot of money per month on the fuel costs and people appreciate that in commuters. However, lower displacement doesn’t necessarily mean an engine with lower outputs. Aggressive pick up on the accelerator will reduce engine life, and consume more fuel as well.

The curb weight of this motorbike is 113 KGs, and the fuel tank holds 13 liters of fuel.

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Bajaj Platina Price

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Bajaj Platina price could vary among different regions. Regions where ex-showrooms and plenty of third-party distributors are available, the pricing will stay very close to the actual ex-showroom price. Online booking is available for Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore at a price of Rs. 45,271.

To save money on commuting and maintaining a vehicle, there are not many better options in India than the Bajaj Platina right now.

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