Top 10 Best Bike Under 4 Lakhs Rs. In India 2023

In recent days, the motorcycling has seen a tremendous change and has transformed the trend of using 100cc for commuting to flagship superbikes for a long ride and daily commute. Simply speaking, if you are riding a bike with 150cc of the engine, you have a huge range of bikes available to choose from so you can fulfill your needs of performance and upgrade your motorcycle. The following list contains every special aspect of biking, including 1-cylinder naked street fighters to fully-faired, 2-cylinder performance machines. Have a look at the list of top 10 best bikes in and around Rs. 3 Lakhs.

1. Kawasaki Ninja 300 – Rs. 3 Lakhs to 3.6 Lakhs

Ninja 250 was the first bike from Kawasaki which had the combo of best of Japanese engineering in a quarter-liter segment on two wheels. It was a glimpse to the future. Just recently, Kawasaki planned to change the game by launching the more capable and effective machine, Ninja 300. Just recently, the company decided to change the game by launching a more powerful bike. Kawasaki Ninja 300 has everything to have an essence of perfection. It is powered by parallel-twin, liquid-cooled, 296cc engine which delivers more torque and power than 250cc engine does. It has 27 Nm of torque and 39 PS of power.

2. Yamaha YZF R3 – Rs. 3.25 Lakhs

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For Yamaha Motors India, it took a long time to focus on making perfect sports bikes rather than commuters and scooters. The YZF R3 is the first shot of Yamaha in for Indian bikers in the flagship performance bikes. It totally resembles YZF R25 in features and looks. R3 is different from R25 is because of its heart. It is powered by parallel-twin, liquid-cooled, 321cc engine which delivers 29 Nm of torque and 42 PS of ballistic power. It is powered by all the heavenly genes of the YZF-R family. check out more Best Yamaha bikes in India

3. Hyosung GT 250R – Rs. 3.1 Lakhs

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The bike is credited for being introduced as the first mover in quarter-liter bikes. Hailing from South Korea, Hyosung is winning the heart of bikers by offering GT 250R instance and size just similar to that of mid-weight bikes which are positioned higher in price and specifications. It looks quite large and the original design has been mostly unchanged since inception. It is the first small capacity bike ever for having a 2-cylinder engine and it harnesses its strength from V-twin, liquid-cooled 249cc engine. It produces the power of 28.3 PS and torque of 22.07 Nm.

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4. Kawasaki Z250 – Rs. 2.99 Lakhs

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So you want the fully faired bike with all the qualities of Ninja 300, Kawasaki Z250 is the solution. It is designed as the naked counterpart of Ninja 300 and it looks a scaled-down variant of powerful and premium 4-cylinder Z800 which has a larger stance as compared to its normal dimensions. It is bolstered with the 249cc liquid-cooled mill which delivers 21 Nm of torque and 33 PS of power.

5. Benelli TNT 300 – Rs. 2.83 Lakh

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It hails all the way from Italy which houses several artistic and stunning automobiles. Benelli is an unheard brand that produces some of the most powerful bikes in the world. TNT 300 is yet another creation that is a bigger competitor of various naked street fighters. The liquid-cooled, 300 cc, liquid-cooled engine powers up the bike with 38 PS and torque of 26.5 Nm.

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6. KTM RC 390 – Rs. 2.12 Lakhs

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KTM launches the RC 390 in India and breaks all the records of awesomeness. It is the highly powerful pocket rocket which fulfills the ever-rising demands of Indian motorcycling lovers. It has all the ingredients that a performance craver wants in his bike – a huge range of fancy accessories, full fairing, and aerodynamic design, an intoxicating exhaust and an engine that roars all the way to rule the roads.  It features backlit switchgear, twin projector headlamps, completely digital instrument console, daytime LED lamps, ABS, trellis frame and some more first-class features. The heart of the bike is its 373cc engine. The hyperactive powerhouse generates 35 Nm of torque and a whopping 43 PS of power.

7. KTM Duke 390 – Rs. 1.95 Lakhs

Duke 390 came around a year in advance before RC 390. It was a kind of glimpse of the vivid future when KTM ventured in India. The bike is based on Duke 200 and it clearly resembles the looks of Duke 200. But it has different body graphics, ABS, handlebar guards, trellis frame, orange wheels, and the engine. The razor-sharp, furious and wild design and host of features makes Duke 390 a powerful beast to have. It features single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 373 cc Engine.

8. KTM RC 200 – Rs. 1.7 Lakhs

It was launched along with RC 390 in India, which is too hardcore and extreme. RC200 is brutal and looks mostly the same as RC390. Except for ABS, the list of features is exactly the same as RC 390. It borrows the power-train from Duke 200.  The badass beast is powered by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled 199.5 cc engine which produces 19 Nm of torque and 25 PS of power. It is much like RC 390 but has too quick acceleration, stiff ride, and agile dynamics.

9. Honda CBR 250R – Rs. 1.88 Lakhs

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It was the first-ever quarter-liter single-cylinder bike from Honda in the Indian market. It was the first shot for Honda in performance biking segments. It had just a few competitors when it was launched. So, it enjoyed overnight success. The bikes look identical to the bigger CBRs like CBR 1000 RR and CBR 600RR. The bike is powered by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 249.6 cc engine which churns out 22.9 Nm of torque and 26 bhp of power.

10. KTM Duke 200 – Rs. 1.4 Lakhs

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It is the bike that is enjoying the growth and marks its foray to the market of India. The company offered solutions to all the enthusiasts who are looking for more power over CBRs and R15s. It is powered by a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder 199.5cc engine which churns out 19 Nm of torque and 25 PS of power.

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