Ride this 6 Bikes for Just 70000 Rupees – Check Specs & Mileage

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Two-wheelers have always been one of the biggest and most preferred transportation modes in India for a long time and this is the main reason why India is the world’s largest two-wheeler market. There are many reasons for being the largest two-wheeler market, the traffic conditions, the price of the fuel, the condition of the road, and the easiness of using it on Indian roads are the few top reasons.

List of Best Bikes Under 70,000 with Best Mileage

Based on the factors mentioned above, there are more than a dozen bikes available in India; however, not all bikes come with the same features, price, and mileage. Here is the list of six best bikes available in India with a price less than INR 70000.

1. Hero Achiever 150

Hero Achiever 150 is one of the most affordable commuter bikes available on the Indian market right now. This bike unlike most of the Hero bikes comes in an attractive design and has a 150cc engine that is tuned to deliver a maximum power of up to 13 bhp.

The engine fitted in Hero Achiever 150 is 149 cc and it is an air-cooled engine. In addition to this, the bike has a 5-speed transmission which is quite smooth. Talking about the suspension of Hero Achiever, we know that the bike has telescopic and rectangular swing arm suspension which makes it easy to ride even of rough roads. Apart from this, the bike delivered a mileage of 59 Kmpl if you ride it at the right speed. The engine is also high on power and the top speed of the bike is 101 Kmph. Hero Achiever starts at the price of Rs 68,550.

Price – INR 68550 /-approx

2. Yamaha SZ RR V 2.0

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Yamaha SZ RR V 2.0 comes with a cosmetic upgrade that makes the bike look stylish and has shrouds on the fuel tank that offer an attractive style to the bike. The 150cc engine incorporated delivers 11.9 bhp power and offers 50 Kmpl mileage.

Yamaha SZ V 2.0 also has a 149 cc engine and it can deliver a power of 11.9 bhp at 7500 rpm. In addition to this, Yamaha SZ V 2.0 also has an air-cooled engine that is coupled with a 5-speed gearbox. The breaks that come as a part of standard equipment are the drum brakes. Talking about the top speed, you can ride Yamaha SZ V 2.0 at 105 Kmph easily. The price of this bike starts at Rs 69,303.

Price – INR 69303 /-approx

3. Bajaj V15

Bajaj V15 is one of the first motorcycles from the all-new Bajaj V series. This bike comes with a 149 cc engine that could produce 12.8 bhp and can offer up to 57 Kmpl mileage. If you are looking for a bike suitable for people with short height then, Bajaj V15 is the best option for you.

The 149cc air-cooled engine of Bajaj V15 delivers the power via drive chain and this drive chain is linked to the engine with help of a 5-speed transmission set. In addition to this, the bike also has an option of disc brakes which certainly helps in stopping the bike and keeping it in control. The top speed of Bajaj V15 is 120 Kmph and the price of the bike is Rs 65,262.

Price – INR 65262 /-approx

4. Bajaj Pulsar 150

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Bajaj Pulsar 150 is one of the top-selling commuter bikes on the Indian market right now. This bike has gone through several alterations since its launch 15 years ago; the bike has a 149cc engine that is both powerful and fuel-efficient.

The engine of Bajaj Pulsar can easily generate 13.9 bhp of power at 9000 rpm and the bike is quite stable even at this high rev. In addition to this, the bike also has a 5-speed gearbox. You get the disc as well as drum breaks even with Bajaj Pulsar. This bike also has a little different kind of suspension and it comes with Telescopic and Twin gas-charged shock absorbers which are specially designed for Indian roads. You can ride you Pulsar 150 at a top speed of 110 Kmph. lastly, the bike offers a mileage of 65 Kmpl. As per the present information, Bajaj Pulsar starts at Rs 65,446.

Price – INR 65446 /-approx

5. Hero Glamour FI

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You would be surprised to find a 100cc bike in this list, as all the other bikes listed are 150 cc bikes and from a top brand. Hero Glamour FI is one of the best 100cc bikes that you can get from the Indian market today that boasts quality and fuel efficiency at the same time.

Among all the bikes listed here, this has the lowest engine capacity yet it can generate 9 bhp of power. The credit of this power goes to the finely tuned engine. Also, the bike has 4 gears and you also get an option for disc brakes here. The mileage of the bike is 70 Kmph which is very good as per the performance standards. Talking about the top speed, the bike can touch 97 Kmph and you can buy Hero Glamour FI at Rs 68,350.

Price – INR 68350 /-approx

6. Yamaha Saluto

Yamaha Saluto is one of the top premium commuter motorcycles available on the Indian market today. The Yamaha Saluto has a 125 cc engine that comes with excellent features like a 7.6-liter fuel tank, 78 Kmpl fuel efficiency, and a diamond chassis.

Among all the bikes listed here, this one is the most fuel-efficient. The engine of the bike also doesn’t have any types of vibrations. In addition to this, the bike can generate the maximum power of 8.2 bhp and this power is delivered to the rear wheel with the help of 4-speed transmission. You get drum brakes as standard ones and the maximum speed of the bike is 90 Kmph. Lastly, the ex-showroom price of the bike starts at Rs 60,800 approximately.

Price – INR 60800 /-approx

All the bikes listed above come from top brands and offer the highest fuel-efficiency, and the bikes come at a reasonable price.

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