Best CBS ( Combi Brake System ) Bikes in India 2023

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Today it is not just about owning a bike but people want to buy a bike that is safe to ride. There is an increasing awareness about the safety features offered by the bike and at the same time, the bike makers are also concerned about the safety of the rider. There are two important factors that can really help you while you are riding a bike and these features are Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and Combi Braking System (CBS).

These are two different things and it is not mandatory to have both the features in a bike. Some of the bikes only offer CBS but the fact is that it improves the handling of the bike greatly. We will share more details about CBS in the section below and then we will also share the list of top 5 bikes in India with CBS

What is CBS?

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It requires a lot of patience and practice to ride the bike in a perfect manner. When we say perfect, what we mean is that the application of the brakes should be simultaneous on both rear and front tire. Now, it is an impossible task for a lot of people because of which companies have started introducing CBS in the bikes. What this does is that it applies the brake force on the front and rear tire even when you just use the rear brake pedal. The system can be available on disc as well as drum brakes.

Pros and Cons of CBS

The main advantage of having CBS in the bike is that it reducing the stopping distance of the bike significantly and it also helps the rider to maintain control over the bike in case of emergency braking. CBS has proved to be helpful even in slippery road conditions and that is the best part about CBS. It has the power to prevent a lot of accidents on Indian roads. Apart from this, CBS is also quite affordable, unlike ABS. You can surely opt for a CBS variant of the bike if it is available in the market.

Talking about the cons, the only disadvantage of CBS that we can think of is the cost. However, the cost ranges in just a couple of thousands so we can really ignore that disadvantage part of CBS.

5. Bajaj Platina

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Bajaj Platina is quite a reliable model and the company has now reintroduced this model with CBS. This is certainly a great move by Bajaj as a lot of people had been trying to find the bikes which are equipped with ABS.

In terms of specifications, the bike comes with a 99 cc engine which can generate a total of 8.2 bhp power. The mileage claimed by Bajaj for this bike is around 90 Kmpl. It should be noted that the bike doesn’t have disc brakes but it has CBS with Drum brakes. The cost of the variant with Kick start is Rs 40,500 and the one with electric start is priced at Rs 47,789.

4. Honda Livo

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Next on our list is Honda Livo and this is another reliable bike from Honda in the Indian market. The bike is available in four variants. Two of these are non-CBS variants for Disc and Drum brakes while the other two are CBS variants for Disc and Drum brakes. So, the advantage of choosing this is that you can get CBS with Disc Brakes.

In terms of specifications, the bike has an engine with a capacity of 109.19 cc and it generates a total power of 8.2 bhp. The Drum CBS variant of the bike is priced at Rs 59,028 and the Disc CBS variant is priced at Rs 61,404.

3. Bajaj Discover 110 CBS

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This is the second bike from Bajaj on our list and even this model was reintroduced in the market with CBS. There are two variants of the bike available and one of them is without CBS while the other one is with CBS.

Talking about the engine, the bike has an engine with a displacement of 115.5 cc and with a power output of 8.6 bhp. The price of the CBS variant of this bike is priced at Rs 53,274. Lastly, Bajaj Discover 110 CBS is available in 4 colors.

2. Honda CB Shine

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Honda CB Shine is another bike that comes with CBS and the bike also has an option of the brake type. You can choose between the drum and the disc brakes. This beast is powerful when compared with the other three bikes that we have talked about until now.

In terms of specifications, the bike has a 125 cc engine and the bike comes with a power output of 10 bhp. The Drum CBS variant of Honda CB Shine is priced at Rs 60,013 and the Disc CBS variant is priced at Rs 64,673. You can choose from 6 colors available in this model.

1. Honda CB Hornet 160R

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Next on our list is Honda CB Hornet 160 R which is powered by a 162 cc engine. The bike is available within four variants. One of them is a standard variant with Disc Brakes, the second one is with Disc and CBS, the third one is with ABS and the fourth one is ABS with some other additional features. The CBS variant of the bike is priced at Rs 92,343 while the top variant costs Rs 95,843.

Talking about the specs, the 162.71 cc engine of the bike can churn out 15.04 bhp of power and the bike has a top speed of 110 Kmph. Honda CB Horner 160 R is available in 5 Colour options.

These were the top 5 bikes that come equipped with CBS. You must always check out the bikes for the CBS version and if possible, you must go ahead with the ABS version. This may cost you a little in the short term but it is one feature that can save you from fatal crashes.

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