Best 5 CBS Scooty in India 2023

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In India, scootys had always been more popular than bikes. They are a little more convenient to ride because of the fact that there are no gears. Moreover, scootys are perceived as unisex so a lot of people prefer purchasing scooty over a bike. Just like the bikes, the scootys are also becoming safer and this is all because of the additional features like disc brakes. There are scootys that are also available with CBS so they are safer than the versions which only have Disc Brakes. Let us understand what exactly CBS is and then we will look at the list of top 5 CBS Scooty in India.

What is CBS?

CBS (Combi Braking System) is a system that was introduced years ago and what this system does is that when you apply brakes on your scooty, it engages the front and the rear brakes at the same time. The impact of this system is that the stopping distance of the scooty comes down and at the same time, there are fewer chances of slipping if you were ridding at the high speed.

Companies like Yamaha call CBS as UBS which basically stands for the Unified Braking System. UBS is nothing but a different name for CBS. A lot of people confuse CBS with ABS but you must not get confused because they both are different technology. ABS helps you in ensuring that the wheels are not locked when you apply brakes while CBS helps you in distributing the brake force to front and rear brake. Since you have a basic idea of CBS, let us look at the advantages of CBS.

Advantages & Disadvantages of CBS

  • To begin with, CBS brings down the braking distance as the brakes are being applied to both the ends of the scooty. Now, this can prove to be helpful in an emergency situation when you need to stop the scooty immediately.
  • Another advantage of the CBS is that since the brake force is distributed, the chances of locking the wheels are lowered and it offers better handling in case of emergency braking as well. This means that the rider has a lower chance of slipping down.
  • The technology is available with Disc Brakes as well as Drum brakes so you do not have to think much about the options available.
  • We couldn’t find any disadvantages in the system. Even the cost of the CBS is very low so you would not really notice any significant cost change between CBS and non-CBS Models

5. Honda Navi

The list starts with Honda Navi and it is quite a popular product in India. Honda Navi doesn’t get Disc Brakes but the good part is that it gets CBS with Drum brakes. The scooty is stylish, sleek and it is also lightweight.

Talking about the engine capacity, Honda Navi has an engine capacity of 109.19 cc which delivers a mileage of 47 Kmpl. In addition to this, the CBS variant of this scooty is priced at Rs 48, 733. You can select from the range of 6 colors available in Honda Navi.

4. Yamaha Alpha

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Yamaha scootys also has CBS but the company calls it UBS which stands for Unified Braking System. In the case of Yamaha, the name difference doesn’t mean anything as the system has the same working.

Yamaha Alpha has an engine with a capacity of 113 cc and a power of 7.1 bhp. The mileage offered by this model is 62 Kmpl. The CBS variant of Yamaha Alpha with Drum brakes is priced at Rs 53,923 and the CBS variant with Disc Brakes is priced at Rs 57,283. You get 11 Colour options in Yamaha Alpha

3. Aprilia SR 125

Aprilia is another popular brand in the Indian market and it offers scootys as well as bikes. The SR 125 comes in two variant and the one is the CBS while the other one is Non-CBS. The good part is that both these variants are equipped with Disc Brakes.

In terms of specifications, the scooty comes with a 124 cc engine and the power output of this engine can reach a peak of 9.4 bhp. The mileage of Aprilia SR 125 is 38 Kmpl and the scooty is priced at Rs 73,701 for the CBS variant. It should be noted that this model is available only in blue Colour.

2. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125 had been quite a popular product in India. The scooty was launched by the company in two additional variants which were equipped with CBS. The best part about Suzuki Access 125 is that you can choose between Drum and Disc brakes and you can opt for CBS in both the models.

In terms of the numbers, this scooty has a 124 cc engine with a peak power output of 8.4 bhp. In addition to this, the mileage offered by the Suzuki Access is 64 Kmpl. The Drum CBS variant of Suzuki Access 125 is priced at Rs 57,647 and the Disc CBS variant is priced at Rs 61,996.

1. Vespa VXL 125


Vespa is one of the most stylish scooty in Indian markets. Also, Vespa is not just stylish but it is also very powerful. The product was launched after a long time in a new avatar and it certainly took the market by the story.

Talking about the specifications, Vespa comes with 125 cc engine which generates the power of 9.9 bhp. In addition to this, the CBS version of this scooty is priced at Rs 92,372 which is a little expensive but the scooty is worth your money. The mileage offered by Vespa VXL is 45 Kmpl and it comes in 5 attractive colors.

These are the scootys available in India with CBS. It is expected that more brands are going to launch their scootys with CBS because of the upcoming government regulation. In such a case, it may worth waiting for them or else, you can even choose a scooty from the list mentioned above.

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