3 Best Electric Scooter in India 2023

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We like to say that scooters are always going to be a perfect choice. There are two reasons for that. If you do not like to ride bikes because it makes you feel tired, the scooter is a good alternative. It has a similar size and it will allow you to get faster to the location you want. The second reason is – affordability. You will have to spend a bit more money if you want to buy an electric motorbike. Scooters are a lot cheaper, but their features remind somehow on the “true” electric bikes. Besides that, if you are afraid to drive bigger machines, the size of a scooter is perfect for you.

Anyway, when we talk about India, the popularity of electric scooters grows together with the popularity of electric bikes. People are aware of the circumstances of the “traditional” bikes and scooters. We think that this awareness is going to grow in the future.

Many people in India are not sure which electric scooters are going to satisfy their needs. You can find a bunch of them over the Internet and they all look quality and attractive. Logically, not all of them are equally good. That’s why we want to highlight a few of them that will guarantee you the best rides.

1. Okinawa Praise

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We will start reviewing the design of this model because it is interesting and attractive. It looks aggressive and it somehow reminds on some stronger machine because of aggressive lines. Besides that, it comes with a long wheelbase and wide front apron which makes it look similar to giant motorbikes. You can find this model in three different colors – yellow, blue, and purple.

The front end of the vehicle is covered with pilot lights. You can also find Led headlights with a so-called hexagonal DRL in the center of the scooter. Both things are making this model a lot more attractive.
Still, we have to mention one disadvantage of the design. The loud graphics look too basic and small. We will be more direct and say they look a bit childish. Still, because of the great design features we already mention, this should not be a big disadvantage.

Batteries are located under the floorboard. The battery you will have to have for this vehicle is 12v 45Ah. The machine uses 6 of them for a total of 72v. One of those batteries weights around 15 kilograms which means that the battery pack weight is around 90 kilograms.

You will be able to choose between 3 different modes
• Eco Riding Mode
• Sport Riding Mode
• Turbo Riding Mode

In Sport Mode, you will be able to reach speed between 35kmp and 60kmph. However, Turbo Mode allows you to reach the top speed of 75 kilometers per hour. You will activate this mode with a button that is located on the left handlebar. The range of the vehicle is between 70 and 110 kilometers per single charge. Logically, this depends on the terrain where you drive and the way you drive. For instance, in Eco Mode, you will be able to reach the maximum range of 110km. Sport Mode will allow you to drive around 78 kilometers. We can conclude this is a powerful vehicle.

2. Ather 450

img source: overdrive.in

This model is one of the most popular in India because of its unique design. It doesn’t look like a usual scooter. The look of this scooter is edgy ad lean. This model also haves LED on the front end which makes it even more attractive.
The wheels are 12-inches big at both ends with a 90/90 section rubber. This maybe isn’t big enough for many scooter fans, but it will help you handle this vehicle a lot easier.

The technology features of this model are definitely on a high level. On top of the dashboard, you will be able to find a 7-inch touchscreen. You can see all the important pieces of information there. For instance, it shows full-screen navigation, realistic range, and vehicle registration documents which most of the scooters do not show.
The “brain” of the vehicle lies below the touch screen. We can say that this part is some sort of combination of the Load Distribution Unit and Vehicle Control Unit. These two systems are constantly making analyzes of the driver’s ride. Besides that, they also analyze the navigation system. The system literally teaches your way of driving and calculates the most realistic range you will able to reach.

Finally, there is also a so-called Battery Management System. This system detects when the temperature of a battery is too high. Except that, it also informs you if some of the cells is not charging correctly together with others. For instance, this system can slow down charging when the temperature is high. That will improve the performances and increase the durability of a battery.

3. Avan Xero+

img source: dmcdn.net

As you can see, LED turn indicators are usually located on the front panel or the handlebar of the scooter. This time things are different. LED is located on the inside of the apron which makes the design of this model a bit specific.
The scooter comes with a well-designed and easy-to-understand digital instrument console. The drivers will be able to see valuable pieces of information like a battery, speed, range, etc. However, we need to say that the panels are made of plastics. So, it is easy to scratch it during the ride.

This scooter allows you to charge the battery of your mobile via USB. However, something that is missing is a pocket for your device. Still, there is under-seat storage where you can put, for instance, two packs of milk.
The vehicle comes with a dual-battery pack. One 24 Ah lithium-ion battery can help you to drive for 50 kilometers with one batter. More precisely you will be able to reach 110 kilometers with a dual-battery pack. The top speed that you will be able to reach is 45kmph. This is a perfect speed for city ride.

The battery pack is removable so you can charge the batteries at home or your office as well. It takes between 6 and 8 hours to completely charge the battery.


People from India can be sure that these three models are the perfect choices. The common advantage of all three of them is affordability. They are not expensive, but their quality is at a high level.

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