5 [100cc] Bikes Gives Best Mileage And Performance

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Bikes are really popular in India and they along with scooters are one of the most preferred means of commuting from one place to another. They offer very good mileage and they can navigate through traffics. What else can someone really want for their daily commute to work? In the bikes, one of the most popular segments remains to be the 100cc bikes. They are surely something that has gained a lot of popularity. Apart from all the advantages listed above, 100 cc bikes are even low on maintenance and they are also affordable.

You can also purchase a 100 cc bike for yourself and you will surely be happy with your purchase. Before you end up buying anything, don’t forget to carry out your research and make the purchase only after you have compared various products.

To make the job easy for you, we have listed the best mileage 100 cc bikes in India so that you can save money as well as fuel while you are traveling daily. So, let us now have a look at the list of these top 5 best mileage 100cc bikes in India.

5. Hero Splendor Plus

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On number 5, we have Hero Splendor Plus and this bike carries a legacy with it. The bike was first introduced in the year 1994 and it was known as CD 100 at that time. Since then, there had been multiple upgrades to the bike and the efficiency has also improved drastically. Today, the company claims a mileage of 81 Kmpl for Hero Splendor Plus.

Talking about the engine of the bike, Hero Splendor comes with a 97.2 cc engine and it is surely not low on power. The engine can generate the power of 8.2 bhp at peak performance. In addition to this, the engine is coupled with a 4-speed gearbox that offers you the right gear ratios. The bike is not very heavy as it weighs just 109 Kg and this is also another factor that helps you in getting good mileage. Lastly, the price of Hero Splendor Plus starts at Rs 49,060 and the top model costs Rs 52,860.

4. Hero HF Deluxe

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Next on our list is another bike from Hero. This time its HF Deluxe and it is also a bike with a great road presence. The bike was first launched in 2010 and since then it had been one of the best seller bikes. With a claimed mileage of 83 Kmpl, you can go for days without visiting the petrol pump. The bike comes in different variants and you can also choose self-start and alloy wheels. Hero HF Deluxe comes in 5 different colors.

Just like its sibling, Hero HF Deluxe has a 98 cc engine but it generates a little lower magnitude of power. The power generated by Hero HD Deluxe is 7.7 bhp. This bike weighs the same as Hero Splendor Plus except for that 1 Kg extra which is added on because of various small fairings. Just like all other 100cc bikes in the list, Hero HF Deluxe also has a 4-speed transmission. Talking about the most important thing, the bike starts at Rs 38,900 and the most expensive variant of the bike is at Rs 48,275. If you are low on budget then this is the bike for you.

3. Hero Passion Pro

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This is the third bike from Hero in our list and this bike offers a higher mileage than Hero HF Deluxe as well as Hero Splendor Plus. The bike offers a mileage of 84 Kmpl. This bike gets a lot more features then Splendor and these include a digital display, odometer, front disc brakes and a lot more. You get an option to choose from 8 different colors if you are planning to buy Hero Passion Pro.

Just like two other bikes from Hero, Passion pro also has a 97.2 cc engine and the power generated by Passion pro is equal to Hero Splendor. That is right, the bike generates 8.2 bhp power. This engine is coupled with the 4-speed gearbox to deliver the highest possible mileage. The bike is a little heavy when compared to other ones as this is 115 Kg in weight. Lastly, the price of the bike stays between Rs 53,475 and Rs 56,475.

2. Bajaj CT 100

On number 2, we have Bajaj CT 100 and it is one of the most affordable bikes in the segment. The pickup is good and it is a low maintenance bike. Bajaj claims that CT100 can offer a mileage of 89 Kmpl which is certainly very high. However, do not expect a lot of features with this bike as it is the entry-level product from Bajaj. The top variant of the bike gets the electric start and allow wheels.

As you might know, Bajaj CT 100 has an engine with a displacement capacity of 99.27cc. In addition to this, the engine gives you a power output of 8.1 bhp. This is the most affordable bike when it comes to 100cc bikes as the base model of the bike is priced at only Rs 32,384. The top model of the bike is priced at Rs 41,267. Also, the empty weight of the bike is 109 Kg which is on par with other bikes.

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1. TVS Sports

On number 1, we have TVS Sports and this is basically the facelifted version of TVS Star City. The bike comes with 8 Colour options and some of the features like a 2 pod instrument cluster. The bike also features a linked brake system which also improves the handling of the bike. Talking about the mileage, TVS Sports offers a mileage of 95 Kmpl. That is right, the mileage is 95 Kmpl and it’s quite high.

TVS Sports has an exact 100 cc engine and it generates the power of 7.4 bhp. The power generated by the engine is delivered to a chain drive with the help of a 4-speed transmission. The bike is not the least expensive but it is the lightest one in the list with a weight of 108 kg. The price of the bike starts at Rs 38,712 and the maximum price of any variant for TVS Sports is Rs 50,697

These were the best mileage bikes and one thing that you need to understand is that the mileage claimed by the companies is in an ideal condition so they talk about the upper limit. In the real world, the mileage would be a little lower than what is claimed by the company. Also, ensure that you get your bike serviced at the regular interval as it also helps you in maintaining the mileage. If you are also considering a 150cc bike, you may like to check the best mileage 150cc bikes as well

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