5 Best Mileage 150cc Bikes in India – Check Price & Review

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150cc bikes are one of the most in-demand segments of bikes in India today. The main reasons for such high demand are because 150cc bikes are most suitable to the Indian roads and these bikes are comparatively more fuel-efficient than other bikes.

Yet another important thing about a 150 cc bike is its reasonable price and they are comparatively stylish when compared to low-end you see in the market. However, when it comes to Indian bike customers, mileage, power, style, and price is all that they consider. Here is the list of five best 150cc bikes you can buy.

5. Yamaha SZ RR V 2.0

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If you are looking for a bike with style and fuel efficiency at the same time, then Yamaha SZ RR V 2.0 is the best option for you. This bike comes with a Blue Core Technology engine that is incorporated both FZ-S and Fazer models.

The engine capacity of this bike is 149 cc and this engine can generate a power of 12 bhp at 7500 rpm. along with this, the engine has a coupling with a 5-speed gearbox. Apart from this, 110 Kmph top speed you can get. In terms of mileage, the bike offers 50 Kmpl. Yamaha SZ RR V 2.0 is available in two variants and both come with front disc brake. The price of the standard model of the bike is Rs 69,303 and the special edition variant is priced at Rs 70,303. The bike is available in 4 different color options.

Price – INR 70000 /-approx

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4. Bajaj V15

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Bajaj V15 is one of the tops and best bikes from Bajaj that came under the designation “V” and is marketed as a stylish commuter bike. According to the manufacturer, V15 will sit between the models Discover and Pulsar.

Bajaj V15 is a very popular concept and it also has a powerful engine. The displacement of the engine that powers this beauty is 149.5 cc and this engine generates 11.8 bhp of power. In terms of transmission, the bike comes with. The 5-speed transmission which helps the bike in reaching the top speed of 110 Kmph. The mileage offered by this bike is 57 Kmpl and it is a good number considering the power of the engine. There are two variants for Bajaj V15 and both of them come with a disc brake. The first variant costs Rs 65,626 and the power-up variant is priced at Rs 67,187. This bike is available in 4 different colors

Price – INR 65500 /-approx

3. Yamaha FZ V 2.0

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Yamaha FZ has been on the market for a very long time and has always been one of the stylish commuter bikes in India since its launching. The all-new Yamaha FZ V 2.0 comes with an air-cooled single-cylinder 150cc engine that gets the benefits from a closed-loop fuel injection system incorporated into it.

Just like the first bike from Yamaha on the list, this bike also has a 149 cc engine but the power generation is a little more. The engine generates 13 bhp of power. Do not worry about the fuel economy as the bike offers a mileage of 58 Kmpl. The top speed of this bike is also 110 Kmph but the engine is not noisy even at high revs. The bike is available in two colors and one single variant. This variant comes with disc brakes as well. In addition to this, the price of Yamaha FZ V 2.0 is Rs 81,508.

Price – INR 82000 /-approx

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2. Honda CB Unicorn 150

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Most of the Indians understand the role and the strong presence of the brand on the market for long years. The new Honda CB Unicorn 150 looks identical to the older model and comes with a single-cylinder 150 cc engine tuned to deliver a maximum power of about 13 bhp.

Taking about the exact specs, the Honda CB Unicorn 150 has an engine capacity of 149.1 cc which generates exactly 12.73 bhp power at peak output. The bike manufacturer claims a mileage of 60 Kmpl for this bike. Also, the heights speed of the bike is 101 Kmph and it is available in 3 colors. Honda CB Unicorn 150 has a 5-speed transmission and there are two variants of the bike available. One of them is the ABS variant while the other is a non-ABS Variant. Both the variants, however, come with disc brakes. The cost of the non-ABS variant is Rs 73,976 and the cost of the ABS variant is Rs 80,476.

Price – INR 73976 /-approx

1. Bajaj Pulsar 150

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The Bajaj Pulsar 150 is India’s best selling 150 cc bikes that come at a reasonable price and offers the highest fuel efficiency when compared to other bikes in the same 150 cc segment.

The engine capacity of Bajaj Pulsar 150 is 149 cc and it churns out 15 bhp of power. This is the maximum in this list. Even after generating this kind of power, the engine can deliver a mileage of 65 Kmpl. The top speed of Bajaj Pulsar 150 is 110 Kmph. The transmission of the bike is also reliable and it is the 5-speed transmission. There are 10 color options available on this bike which are surely a lot. The front Disc Brakes remains the standard option in all the 5 variants however, you can choose twin Disc and ABS as well. The cost of 3 variants with the front disc is between Rs 65,446 to Rs 77,184. The dual disc version costs Rs 79,898 and the ABS version costs Rs 87,226/

Price – INR 65446 /-approx

All the bikes listed above come with a 150cc engine incorporated into it. These bikes are tuned to deliver maximum power and mileage. for more bikes comes with great mileage and power, check our section

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