Best Scooty for Long Drive In India 2023 with Best Mileage & Price 2023

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More than 2 decades ago, scooters were the most preferred mode to travel in India. They were compact, powerful and they also had good mileage. With the end of the 1990s, new products were introduced in Indian Markets and they were basically gearless scooters. These scooters are also referred to as scooty and the main difference between these scootys and the scooters were that the scootys were gearless. They added to the convenience and a lot of girls also preferred riding scootys now.

Best Scooty for a Long Drive With Best Mileage

The scootys are easy to maintain and they are also helpful when you need to navigate between the traffic. You can reach your office quickly if you are riding the scooter on a jammed road. Now, a lot of people also started using scooters for the long drives and this can range from anywhere between 20 Kms to over 50 Kms. Yes, this is right, a lot of people travel this much of distance on a daily basis but have you ever wondered that which is the best scooty for a long drive? Well, in this article, we have compiled a list of all the available options for you which turns out to be a perfect ride on a long drive.

1. Yamaha Fascino

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This listing is especially for Yamaha Fans. If you are looking for a stylish scooty that is comfortable to ride then Yamaha Fascino could be the perfect choice for you. The scooty offers a mileage of 66 Kmpl and it is available in 6 amazing colours. The scooty has a neo-retro look and it appeals a lot of people on the road. Yamaha Fascino also comes with a storage space of 21 litres which makes it convenient to store a small bag as well.

The engine fitted in Yamaha Fascino has a capacity of 113 cc and it is fairly powerful. The total power generated by the engine is 7 bhp whereas the maximum torque that the engine can generate is 8.1 Nm. The ex-showroom price of the scooty is Rs 57,000 and it is surely a good companion for the long rides.

2. Suzuki Access 125

Next on our list is Suzuki Access 125. The scooty has a good reputation in the Indian market because of its proven track record. It is the flagship scooty from Suzuki and hence it is really refined for the long rides. You get an option for disc brakes in Suzuki Access 1256 which is certainly a requirement for a scooty in India. There are 4 different variants available in the scooty and you can choose the one which suits your needs. In addition to this, you can also compare it with the competitors for the product before you make a decision.

Suzuki Access 125 has an engine with a capacity of 125 cc. This engine is able to generate a maximum power of 8.6 bhp and a maximum torque of 10.2 Nm. In addition to this, the price of Suzuki Access 125 starts at Rs 58,000. You can choose between different variants and 8 different colours. The price may increase depending on what variant you choose. Lastly, talking about the mileage, Suzuki Access 125 offers a mileage of 64 Kmpl.

3. Aprilia SR 150

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Aprilia is an Italian brand which gained a lot of popularity in India. The brand has different offerings available for the Indian users but SR 150 is one of the best scooty from the brand. It is powerful, it is stylish and it is affordable. The scooty was launched in India in 2016 and since then it had been stealing the sales of other competitors. The engine used in Aprilia SR 150 is the same as that of Vespa and hence you do not have to worry about the power output of the engine. It is surely one of the best choices for long drives.

Aprilia SR 150 has one of the most powerful engines in this segment. With an engine capacity of 154.8 cc which can generate 10.2 bhp of power and 11.4 Nm torque, you can leave anything and everything behind. The gearbox used in Aprilia SR 150 is the CVT gearbox and the price of the scooty starts at Rs 72,000 ex-showroom.

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4. TVS Jupiter

On number 2, we have TVS Jupiter and it is quite an expected entry. The 110 cc scooty is a popular product in India and also offers a great value for money. The simple and sleek design of TVS Jupiter makes it look elegant on Indian roads. The best part is that the design is that of a unisex scooter which makes it even more popular among both the genders. Just like other scootys, this also comes with a CVT gearbox which is set at the right gear ratios to offer optimal powertrain.

TVS Jupiter has an engine with the total displacement of 110cc and the power generated by this engine is 7.8 bhp. The torque which this engine can generate is 8Nm. In addition to this, there is a lot of space available under the seat in TVS Jupiter which makes it possible to store your bag during the long drive. The mileage that TVS claims for TVS Jupiter is 56 Kmpl and the price of the scooty starts at Rs 54,000.

5. Honda Activa 5G

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And finally, on Number 1, we have Honda Activa 5G. Honda Activa was launched almost 2 decades ago and it had been ruling the Indian markets since then. This is the 5th generation of the Honda Activa. There had been significant design changes since the first launch and the front has been completely changed. From every aspect, Honda Activa 5G remains to be the best product in the Indian Market. The scooty has a good service network and it also has a very good resale value.

Honda Activa has a very reliable engine and the new model comes with a 109.19 cc engine. This engine gives a power output of 8 bhp and a torque of 9 Nm. This new model also includes several other features like LED Headlamps, Seat Release Button, Mobile Charging Port, 18 Liter of Storage Space and Combi Braking System. All this comes at a price of Rs 56,000. Now the most important part, Honda Activa offers a mileage of 60 Kmpl which is a fair number.

These were some of the scootys that are best suited for long drives in India because of the comfort they offer. You can choose among them and complete your research before you plan to purchase a scooter. You can also check out online about the deals that you are getting so that you can save some money as well while booking your scooty.

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