Best Scooty For Short Girl in India – Top 7 Pick & Review 2023

A scooty is one of the reliable choices for girls for transportation due to its no gear shifting mechanism and small size. Reliability comes with the factor that there is an automatic clutch, and girls with small height can still get their legs touch ground with ease. A number of scooty manufacturers are there in India, and if you want to buy the best one for short girls, then you have to keep a few factors in mind.

It is not about the height of the seat of scooty from the ground only; it is also about the power, speed, mileage and various key factors that you must be considered in order to avoid getting into any issue. Here, we are talking about the top seven scooty for short girls in India. Instead of focusing on the reputation and popularity of a model, we will be considering their specification, design, mileage, and few more things.

Along with these factors, we are mentioning the current price in Delhi, India, along with why to buy and why not to buy points. Let’s have a look –

Top 7 Scooty for Short Girls In India

Our arrangement of this list is based on their design, height, kerb weight, and mileage factor instead of their on-road price. So, you can decide your budget and conclude accordingly.

1. TVS Scooty Pep

One of the oldest successors in the Indian market, TVS Pep, has a long history. The first discontinued years ago, but TVS keep upgrading engine along with small tweaks in design to keep it up to date with the current style. TVS Scooty Pep SBT version is available for a lower price and great design.

The same model is available in a total of seven colors, and each of them is pretty good looking. It has an 88CC engine with a top speed of 70 KMPL. It might sound like a below-average choice but hold on, it offers you a mileage of 70 Kmpl on tests, and above 55 on the road which can be cost-saving for sure.

Features –

  • Available in total seven-colors, Blue, Red, White, Black, and Orange are popular.
  • It has an 88cc engine with 5 BHP to give you a smooth ride all the time.
  • Kerb Weight 95 kg, top speed 70 km and mileage are 68 kmpl.

Ex-show Room Price in Delhi –  44,764 /-

Why to Buy –

  • Small design, easy to sit for short girls.
  • Lightweight and compact, easy to drive.
  • Mileage can easily save cost on fuel.

Why Not to Buy –

  • Spare parts are pretty expensive.
  • The suspension could be better.

2. Honda Dio STD

Honda is reaching out to all those people who want to spend less amount of money on their purchase of Scooty. Honda Activa is a slightly expensive choice that’s why the affordable version “Honda Dio” is ready to nail scooty market in India. With the nine-color choice, it is a great deal to consider.

As Honda Dio is available in two different models, STD and DLX, you can find a lot more similarities in both. However, there is a slight difference in accessories and design. So, it is up to you that which one you like for now. Keep it in mind that the features are the same and the braking system is also similar in both.

Features –

  • Offer you 8 BHP power with the 110 CC engine packed inside.
  • The overall weight of scooty is 108 Kg which is easy to handle for short girls.
  • Available in 9 different colors along with the dual-tone choice also.

Ex-show Room Price in Delhi –  53,218 /-

Why to Buy –

  • Lightweight design is easy to handle.
  • Both models are similar and quite reliable for sure.
  • Immersive power as you compare with other options.

Why Not to Buy –

  • The outdated suspension system, not a very reliable choice.

3. TVS Wego

TVS has a huge reputation in the Indian market, and their next product of choice is TVS Wego which not only offers a lower price but some of the quality features like disc brakes. It has a 110 CC engine which can offer you 8 BHP of power. It is reliable and easy to prefer, that’s why you can go with it.

There are two different versions, first with drum brakes and second with disc brakes. Both have a slight difference in safety factor due to the braking system; otherwise, you can’t find a single reason to differentiate both versions on any basis.

Features –

  • Disc brakes to ensure you best braking option and quick time is stopping your vehicle.
  • It comes with 8 BHP power using the 110-cc engine to give you quick time acceleration.
  • Offer mileage of 70 kmpl, quite genuine and reliable choice to go after.

Ex-show Room Price in Delhi –  53,769/- (Last known price in 2012)

Why To Buy –

  • Made for short girls even at such large body
  • Mileage can help you save extra bucks on usability.
  • Available in nine colors and two dual-tone choices.

Why Not to Buy –

  • Expensive maintenance due to poor availability of spare parts.
  • Hard to maintain from a third-party mechanic because of spare parts unavailability in the market.

4. Bajaj Kristal

A discontinued unit that is still available in many outlets is Bajaj Kristal which was a great choice back in 2012. Just after the launch, the sale exploded due to easier usability, lower price and lower maintenance cost. You can find it easy to drive and reliable choice.

In case, you are not sure about which scooty to buy then you can go for the second-hand Bajaj Kristal due to unavailability. It will be a cheaper choice and you can find it reliable for short girls. The ex-showroom price is currently available so you have to spend a little extra time on the best deal.

Features –

  • Offer 7.2 BHP power with the use of 95 cc engine.
  • Torque from the engine is 7.66, quite powerful.
  • The mileage offered by Bajaj Kristal is 50 kmpl.

Ex-show Room Price in Delhi –  34,422/-

Why to Buy –

    • Vibrant color choice.
    • Lightweight design to go for.
    • Drum brakes for quick time braking.

Why Not to Buy –

  • Lower mileage.
  • Tube type tire are not good to go.

5. Suzuki Let’s


With the availability in three different colors, Suzuki Let’s become an adequate choice for those girls who want vibrant colors. It has a 112cc engine which will offer you immense power of 8.5 BHP. Till now, this is one of the most powerful engines in this whole list which will help you get various advantages.

To get a soft and smooth ride, the suspension system matters a lot that’s why you can prefer going with Suzuki Let’s scooty. The front suspension shockers are very reliable and it will make you cross potholes with ease. The last thing is, dual-tone color choice, all the models are dual-toned.

Features –

  • Available in three dual-tone color choices to give you basic versatility.
  • 8.6 BHP power with the help of 110 cc engine to offer great acceleration.
  • Available in two different models, standard and dual-tone version.

Ex-show Room Price in Delhi –  50,098/-

Why To Buy –

  • Kerb weight of 98 kg, pretty reliable to go after without any issue.
  • Electric start and kick start choice make it very convenient to choose.
  • Mileage is quite reliable as it offers you 68 km per liter, genuine and reliable.

Why Not to Buy –

  • Spare parts are hard to buy as it is a discontinued unit.
  • Drum brakes are genuine but not adequate to brake such a high-power engine.

6. Scooty Zest


One more product of choice that you can like from TVS is Scooty Zest. It is a great scooty which is kind of similar to TVS pep design but it has some new features and a re-engineered engine to make you love this scooty and its power as compared to the other ones.

From higher torque to BHP, you are getting above-average performance as it offers 7.9 bhp using the small 110 cc engine. It is quite impressive, and due to small design, you can expect quick time acceleration which is better from many other choices.

Features –

  • It offers an immense BHP of 7.9, which is enough for faster acceleration.
  • Mileage of 62 is good enough for this high power and design.
  • Kerb weight of this scooty is 97 kg. It is also available in 9 colors.

Ex-show Room Price in Delhi – 50,320/-

Why To Buy –

  • Pretty good color choice availability, a total of 9 colors available.
  • Small and reliable design, good for short girls to handle it.
  • Better acceleration and pretty genuine mileage for such a powerful engine.

Why Not to Buy –

  • Small tires make it bit risky to drive at high speeds.
  • Pretty basic colors, no design or abstract to enhance looks.

7. Honda Activa-i

No doubt that Activa is the most common scooty that you can find at Indian roads. Activa gained a huge reputation due to lower maintenance costs, easier part availability, impressive mileage, immense power, and various other factors. Honda Activa-i is a sub-model of the same series with few more features.

It is designed with the fact in mind that short girls do not face a single issue driving this scooty on long-range. The height of seat is comparatively lower from the normal version and it has pretty impressive dual tone patterns that you can’t find with the standard version of Old Honda Activa.

Features –

  • It comes with 8 BHP power, very powerful and fast.
  • Top speed of 80 kmph and keep accelerating at such high speed.
  • Kerb weight of 103 kg, easy to handle on high and slow speeds.

Ex-show Room Price in Delhi –  59,242 /-

Why To Buy –

  • Available in five dual-tone colors and basic colors also.
  • Lightweight body and made up of plastic, so the body is corrosion resistant.
  • The service network of Honda is very strong, and spare parts are also cheaper.

Why Not to Buy –

  • The suspension system is still outdated and picked from the old model of the Honda Activa.

Buying Guide For Best Scooty For Short Girl

Buying scooty is a tough choice sometimes. It is important to know the ground rules before buying your own vehicle. Below mentioned are some guidelines which will help you to buy your scooty:

  • Cost

The main and basic concern area before buying anything is its a price which anyway matters the most. You need to compare the prices of various scooties out there in the market and then decide which one is suitable for you.

  • Fuel

The second area that you need to focus on is the efficiency of fuel. You should buy a scooty which is fuel-efficient. Fuel efficiency also depends on the way you maintain your scooty. You should maintain your scooty in a manner that you are able to achieve your fuel management goals.

  • Service centers

When you buy a scooty it is important to know the nearest service center’s as you need to maintain you’re your vehicle.  Service centers are always occupied; you may need to take the prior appointments. Look after the service centers that are near you and make sure to take the prior appointments in case you need it.

  • Waiting Period

The process of buying a scooty is a real headache sometimes as the waiting period can disappoint you. The waiting period of vehicles like scooty is something near about two-three months. So, you better check on the waiting period in order to not disappoint yourself and your family.

  • Add-on

There are some companies that do not give accessories like side mirrors. It is mandatory to check that you are getting the add-on or not. You may get impressed by the price of scooty without side mirrors but legally it is important to collect the add-on.

Above mentioned were some rules which will help you buying a suitable scooty for you and your loved ones. Make sure to check on these certain points in order to get your perfect vehicle.

The Final Verdict

After considering these scooties and their buying guide, you can easily find the perfect scooty of choice. We would suggest new drivers of scooty to buy a used one to perfect their driving skills and then buying a new one after a month or two. I hope, these factors will help you make the right decision and grab the best choice.

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