Four Year Old Gets An Electric Motorcycle

I tried to make the title as provocative as possible, but the electric motorcycle in question is just a tiny 24V dirt bike. The happiness that washed over this child’s face put a smile on my face just watching this video. His father started him out on a blue “glider”, which doesn’t even have any pedals, then he moved up to an actual bicycle that did have pedals. These steps in progression allowed the child to develop the balance and skills to help make him able to safely transition to the next level.

I noticed the father (some guy named “Thunder” McHaffie) made sure that from the very beginning, this child is making it a habit to wear a helmet and gloves if he wants to ride.

The model that was chosen is the smallest Kuberg, called the “Start”. The tires are listed as 12.5 X 2.4, so it sounds like the wheel rim diameter is about 12 inches.

This is the graphic from the Kuberg website showing the next size up from their smallest model, which is the Kuberg “Trial-E”. With the side-panels off, we can see the two 12V batteries in series for a 24V system, and both of these models have an identical layout. The motor is brushed, which allows the controller to be very affordable.

These small brushed motors are very affordable and common.

The brushes in these common motors will wear out after a couple of years of steady use, but they are cheap and easy to replace (the brushes are the gray blocks near the center). These 24V motors have been run at 36V, but that would require a new controller and a 36V battery pack, like these 36V lithium cordless drill packs from Bosch.

The new skill at this step was learning to use a hand brake lever

Max was in shock at first, but this look of pure joy says it all.

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