Harley Davidson Electric Motorcycle – Livewire 2023

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What to say about Harley Davidson? Every motorcycle fan wishes to afford one of their machines. It is the most popular brand in the world that lasts for more than 100 years (116 more precisely). They were definite trendsetters when we talk about motorbikes.

However, the popularity of electric motorcycles started to grow in the last few years. That is the reason why Harley Davidson developed its electric motorcycle. It maybe sounded strange to people because this brand was only famous for heavy machines. Yet, brands need to follow trends. We can say this was one brave move that owners of this company have made. That is the reason why we want to talk about their electric motorbike model – Harley Davidson Livewire.

Logically, this brand is master among other brands. The features of this model are unbelievable.

Is it perfect?

It is not. It has some disadvantages that we would also want to cover. So, let’s get going.

Advantages of Harley Davidson Livewire

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This part of the list is going to be longer than the other one. It has some powerful and amazing features that you should know.


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Harley Davidson was always famous as a brand with the most attractive vehicles. That has not changed since today. Livewire’s look is somewhere between a sports bike and a cruiser. Just like other Harley’s models, this one has certain meatiness. However, they were not overdoing it this time. It maybe does not look like the usual electric motorcycle. Still, these were the requirements of their target audience.

The model comes with a longitudinal electric motor that is located at the bottom of the vehicle. It is topped with 15.5kWh lithium-ion battery that includes decent cooling fins. On top of that, there are power electronics. On the top of the “tank”, there is a charging port.


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Logically, the range of this electric motorcycle is huge. I can cross 145 miles in the town streets. Yet, if you plan to go with this vehicle somewhere out of town, it can cross around 90 miles. As you can see, the battery is strong. If you want to recharge it before you go somewhere, it will take you an hour to charge the full battery.

Motor and Driving Modes

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Do we even need to mention how powerful motors Harley Davidson’s products usually have? Well, this is not an exception. The motor delivers 104bhp and 86lb ft. of torque. The weight of the motor is 250kg. You maybe won’t like this, but what to expect from their products? All their parts were always huge.

This model has 4 different driving modes

  • Road
  • Sport
  • Rain, and
  • Range.

Each of these driving options has its features. For instance, the Road driving mode will ensure that you save battery. Pick the one that suits you the most in the current moment. It can upgrade the durability of your battery.


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Well, this part is specific, but we will put it in the advantage part of the article. You already know that Harley Davidson’s vehicles are well-known as machines that produce a strong sound. Well, this is not something you will get with this model. It produces some sort of high-pitched whine that comer from the bevel gears that’s located in the single-speed box. However, it is nowhere near the sound you should maybe expect from Harley Davidson. For instance, people usually can’t hear each other when Harley Davidson passes near them. In this case, you will be more “socially acceptable”. More precisely, people won’t even notice that you passed near them with a model of this brand.

So, if you are a big fan of electric motorcycles, this is definitely one huge advantage. However, if you are a fan of Harley Davidson casual motorbikes, this is a disadvantage.

Electric Safety

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There are many fancy and decent electric safety features that will ensure you a safe drive. For example, the model comes with ABS and traction control. The traction control works even when the bike is leaning over. More precisely, you will have options – anti-stoppie and anti-wheelie. For example, anti-stoppie will activate when the back wheel leaves the ground when you give too much front brake.

Besides that, this model also comes that the so-called data-enabled H-D Connect system. However, this option is only free for the first year of using. After that, you will have to subscribe to this service. Still, we think you should spend money on this option. You will have access to the app that will give you info about charging status. Except that, it will alert you if someone is trying to cause damage to your vehicle.

Disadvantages of Harley Davidson Livewire

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We already mentioned one in the text above. If you imagine that everyone will notice you during the driving of this vehicle – that simply won’t happen. It doesn’t produce the usual sound like other Harley Davidson non-electric motorcycles. But, this should not be a large disadvantage.

Something that will bother you a lot more is the price of this vehicle. We will not say the precise prices because you can find it in different places for a different price. However, it usually costs between 30 and 35 thousand dollars. This is probably a huge price for most of the people. Yet, keep in mind one thing. Harley Davidson is a famous brand with a good reputation and long tradition.

Still, the price reflects on the quality. You can be sure that this model will work perfectly for years. It comes with some amazing features that most of the electric motorcycles do not have. If you are able to spend that much money, then this is going to be a perfect choice. Safety, speed, design…everything that matters is perfect.


What do you think? Is Harley Davidson Livewire one of the best electric motorcycles on the market? Does it deserve to have the price we mentioned? Be sure that Harley Davidson won’t stop here. There will probably be many different models in the near future that this company will release.

Once again, if you are ready to invest a larger amount of money in an electric motorcycle, this is a perfect choice.

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