Honda Activa 3G Price in India, Mileage, Features & Specs 2023

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Honda Activa 3G is a scooter by the Japanese manufacturer Honda, and it’s become very popular in the Indian market segment in the past few years. In the earlier days of two-wheelers, scooters weren’t as smart and nimble as they are these days. Starting from the design to overall performance output, everything’s improved on the Honda Activa 3G from the early day Activa. As a result, scooters like the Honda Activa 3G is becoming iconic in the Indian street scenario. the latest model of Activa is Activa 5g

Engine: 109.20 cc.

Mileage: 60 kmpl.

Power: 8 bhp.

Price: Rs. 53,314.

Honda Activa 3G Specifications

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Honda Activa 3G has an engine with a displacement of 109.20 ccs. For a scooter of this category and caliber, 110 cc is truly a bigger engine to talk about. Engine pick-up is excellent on regular rides, and is equipped with an automatic transmission system there’s no hassle of switching between gears on a jam-packed Indian road, either. No matter how congested the roads are, a rider can get all the power they need to perform the maneuvers and straight-line decent rides.

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Speaking of the precise figures, the maximum power output of the Honda Activa 3G engine is 8 bhp at 7,500 rpm. The maximum torque figure is nearly closed, it’s 8.83 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

On the handlebar, all the meters are found in analog – the speedometer, tachometer, etc. However, the trumpeter digital as it needed to be, and gauges like fuel are digital too. The Honda Activa 3G comes with an electronic automated start, no forceful kick is required to get the bike into moving – very friendly for the female commuters out there.

Overall curb weight of the Honda Activa 3G is 108 kilograms and there’s a 5-liter fuel tank. Frequent fuel stops won’t be necessary as long as the rider is able to ride this scooter fluently to maintain the officially rated 60 kmpl fuel efficiency.

Honda Activa 3G Design

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The latest model of Honda Activa 3G has been given few facelifts, yet most eyes would agree to the fact that the Honda Activa 3G still looks a lot like the early day Activa. The frontal panel has received larger faux vents which used to be a little smaller, and the striking outlook with the handle mount headlight and amber turn signals now look a lot different. The design, edges, and accents might not have changed but the technology and overall appearance of the lights certainly did. They shine better through the dark, even in bright daylight whenever required.

As it appears, Honda has given all the necessary facelifts while keeping the active DNA intact, yet changing the key elements to make the scooter look more beautiful than it was. The whole body is built on an underbone chassis running from front to rear of this structure, it’s readily powerful. There is a large under-seat storage space where a full-sized helmet could be kept at ease.

Honda Activa 3G Features

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The Honda Activa 3G is equipped with automatic transmission, there’s a lot of space under the seating facility and the top speed, mileage, engine pick up, etc. all are on the favorable side for the rider. Not just that, this two-wheeler is unisex and ladies are preferring to ride their own scooters these days rather than spending time, money and effort on public transports these days.

Honda Activa 3G would meet the majority of two-wheeler needs out there, for a specific crowd that requires easier commuting at a lower cost. This scooter has got just the thing, and it also looks very smart to melt thousands of hearts.

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