Honda Activa 5G – Price, Specs & Features 2023

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One of the most famous two-wheeler brands in India, Honda has always been the name that Indians trust when it comes to scooters and motorcycles. The brand has never compromised with the quality and performance on roads when it comes to offering scooter.

This time there is insider information from us that says that Honda is ready to launch its latest and newest creation – Honda Activa 5G. The Honda Activa 4G had already won our hearts this year, so we shall now lookout for the next one that is the 5G soon.

How Honda Activa 5G will be different from 4G will be something that everyone shall speculate. The 4G came with 109 cc Honda Eco Technology engine or the HET engine. The performance of this engine is not something of a secret. Honda Activa 5G will be upping its engine and its features by a little bit is anyone’s guess.

Since the release of Honda Activa 4G, we saw the excitement and the eagerness with which people lapped up the vehicle and stood for pre-booking orders. The Honda Activa 5G release date is tentatively going to be out soon and this also means that the prospective customers who are already looking out for the best options, shall get these.

Honda Activa 5G Price

Honda Activa 5G will be affordable and this is something that the industry insiders are claiming. The scooter’s price would be clear to us a few days before the actual date of release.

Model Ex-ShowroomEx-Showroom
Varied by City Activa 5G STD Rs.55520
Activa 5G DLX Rs.57385

Honda Activa 5G Features

Honda Activa 4G had HET engine of 109cc with BS-IV. So, we shall assume that with their next or upcoming scooter, they would come up with the better engine or possibly, go with this only. The tubeless tires from the 4G shall remain is our assumption too since the feature is something that was a big hit with the previous models.

The Automatic Headlamp On or AHO technology, and smart-looking headlamps, and equally stylish looking tail lamps, the scooter will be a stunner. The Honda Activa 5G shall come up with a light body, plenty of sockets, retractable hooks for mobile charging, and pockets including one for mobile phones is what the reports from the insiders are for us.

  • HET ENGINE (Honda Eco Technology)

Honda Activa 5G Specifications

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When Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. aim to bring a vehicle that suits Indian roads, they are not compromising on mileage. With their last outing, they had touched the mileage of as much as 60Kmpl and with this 5G, they shall try to go ahead and make more of a mark too.

The air-cooled engine of 109cc would remain as it is and we assume that it would also get the CVT gearbox for transmission. The scooter would be lighter in weight and would offer suspension and shock absorbers to help people take the long drive through the bumpy city roads on any day. The scooter would also get its safety devices including the Advanced Combi Brake System since that was also a big success in the previous model.

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Compare Honda Activa 5G vs Activa 4G

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With every new model coming into the market, Honda is trying to add on to newer features, bring in more color and add glitz to the existing specifications. Our assumption is that Honda Activa 5G will be bringing in more of specifications and changes in performance and engine than just being another common four-stroke engine. They would not do much for the body contours, since this is how Indians have so far loved Activa.

We expect more of fuel consumption changes and more features like bigger storage compartment or safety devices and parts for safer ride in Activa 5G.

Honda Activa 5G Mileage

Honda Activa 5G gets high mileage is what we have reports from the insiders. Since, Honda Activa 4G is getting mileage of 60kmpl, our guess is that this report would be more than just an assumption.

Honda Activa 5G Colors

Honda Activa 4G colors would continue as base options, but perhaps, we would like it if Honda is aiming to win our hearts with more color options too. For instance, we shall have the Lusty Red Metallic, Trance Blue Metallic, Geny Grey Pearl, Amazing White, Matte Axis Grey Metallic, and Black among others. So, this is something we assume is the area where Honda will surprise us with more eye-catchy options.

Honda Activa 5G Ground Clearance

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Honda Activa 5G gets ground clearance is what a little bird from the Honda tells us and we cannot deny that since, with Activa 4G, they gave a ground clearance of an impressive 153mm!

This means not just the rider but even the pillion riding on the backseat gets reduced jerks and remains safe even while riding through rough terrains. The vehicle gets suspensions and shock absorbers to give great relief to the back.

Honda Activa 5G Fuel Tank Capacity

Honda Activa 5G gets fuel tank capacity more than or possibly equal to Activa 4G. That would mean fuel tank capacity would be around 5.3 liters or more for riding to work, or even take wings to fly off to other places.

Honda Activa 5G Top Speed

Honda Activa 5G’s release date is not yet out, but still, our assumption is that going by the 4G’s standard top speed of making up to 82kmph, 5G would score up more than that.

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