Honda Aviator Price in India, Mileage, Features & Specs 2023

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Honda Aviator is a unisex scooter in the Indian market. The target customer range for the Honda Aviator happens to be the inexpensive mid-range scooter buyer segment that looks for a comfortable way to commute between points A and B every day; nothing much matters. Also, female commuters who don’t like taking buses or trams to their destination every day would certainly love a scooter like the Honda Aviator.

Honda Aviator

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Engine: 110 cc.

Mileage: 66 kmpl.

Power: 8 bhp.

Price: Rs. 54,725.

Honda Aviator Specifications

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Honda scooters are usually equipped with 110 cc engines, the Aviator is no different. It has a 109.19 cc engine on board with a maximum power output of 8 bhp at 7,000 rpm, and the maximum torque output through this engine would be 8.77 Nm at 5,500 rpm.

To make riding Honda Aviator a fun experience, Honda has equipped this scooter with an automatic transmission system. Rated fuel efficiency is 66 kmpl on the Honda Activa, in real life riding scenario the figure usually moves between 55-66 kmpl. Both the wheels have drum brakes, providing adequate stopping power for a vehicle this size. Also, since the top speed is only 83 kmph on the Aviator, there’s really no need to have expensive disc brakes installed on this scooter.

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Curb weight on the Honda Aviator is 109 kilograms, and the fuel tank is capable of holding 6 liters of fuel. Bigger fuel tank makes a comfortable journey without making frequent stops for refueling.

Honda Aviator Design

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From the Japanese arsenal of scooters and motorbikes, the Honda Aviator makes a good arrival in the Indian market. The Honda Activa and Honda Dio are the similar category scooters that have paved their way into the Indian market earlier. Specification wise these scooters are much similar yet the design is very different. Avatar looks slightly taller whilst the other models impose a shorter look. Apparently, the tall people would certainly love the Honda Aviator. Taller than average males and females have always complained about how the scooters are usually built for people in average height range – this stereotyping would surely go away once they get to ride the Aviator. ‘Live your Style’ is the motto for Honda Aviator, with its outlook this motto certainly goes along.

Apart from the handlebar, there are lights placed on the actual body as well. The seat is raised in the pillion’s part, rider seats in a slightly lower level for better riding properties. There’s a handlebar behind the seat for the pillion to hold, and the taillights are just placed behind this portion. Both the light housings in front and rear encage turn lights. The glass on the surface is white whilst the cover that covers the turn lights are amber.

Honda Aviator comes in Strand Silver Metallic, Pearl Igneous Black, Rebel Red Metallic and Pearl Sunbeam White.

Honda Aviator Features

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This two-wheeler has all the necessary elements to be called a smart vehicle – not in the current popular meaning of smart where everything is electronic and has a computerized brain. Smart, in this case, means the typical un-tweaked version of smart. The design of the Honda Aviator is fantastic, it comes in some very impressive color schemes, the design is youth friendly and safe, the engine is powerful enough with great fuel efficiency and it’s lightweight – there’s nothing really about the Honda Aviator to raise a complaint about.

Honda Aviator Price

Scooter prices are usually the same on major Indian cities, however, outside of Mumbai, the price we mention could vary. Price of Honda Aviator at Mumbai ex-showroom is Rs. 54,725.

Speaking of stylish scooters for bigger built humans, the Honda Aviator is certainly a perfect machine.

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