HONDA CB1000R Price in India, Mileage, Specs & Features

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Honda CB1000R is a modernly designed and innovative motorbike creation of the world-renowned motorcycle maker, Honda. It is the newer version of the old motorbike model, CBR1000RR. This is one of the top-selling motorbikes in the Indian market of motorcycles. It was introduced in the country way back in the year 2009. Based on the report of MCN, this motorbike has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 as far as consumer satisfaction is concerned.

Honda CB1000R

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The sporty riding position, efficient braking system, powerful engine, good build quality, technology, and looks & style are all packed in Honda CB1000R. This is considered to be a speed monster, which is why a lot of people are choosing this bike.

Engine: 999 cc

Mileage: 16 kmpl

Power: 129 bhp

Price: Rs. 12,74,035

Honda CB1000R Specifications

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Honda CB1000R’s engine is an improved one that its older motorcycle version has used, which is the CBR1000RR. It has a displacement of 999 cc. Moreover, the engine can produce a maximum power of 129 bhp at 12,000 rpm, and its maximum torque is around 112 Nm at 8,000 rpm. With that being said, you can never go wrong with this motorbike when it comes to engine power. If you think that the most powerful bike is the one that has 5 gearboxes, then your mind may change when you know that this motorbike has 6 gearboxes.

Since it is very powerful, this motorbike is of course, lower in mileage when compared to some other motorcycle models. Having 16 kmpl of mileage is not that bad though, considering that speed and performance of Honda CB1000R are very excellent. As a matter of fact, it has a top speed of 225 kmph making you arrive at your desired destination in just a matter of time. Coming late to a very important appointment will never happen with this motorbike for sure. What is even the best about it is the fact that it can accommodate a maximum of 17 liters of fuel? This goes to show that it is perfect for a long-distance drive. Even though it has a kerb weight of 217 kilograms, it is still undeniable that it runs really fast.

As far as security is concerned, its front part is built with dual hydraulic disc braking systems. It is even incorporated with sintered metal pads, floating rotors, and four-piston caliper. Moreover, its rear part is also made with a dual hydraulic disc braking system that is incorporated with sintered metal pads and dual-piston caliper.

Honda CB1000R Design

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When you are at the front of Honda CB1000R, you would surely say that its design is almost the same with CB600F. You can see here that it’s front mudguard and its multi-reflector headlight that is triangular in shape closely resemble what is available in CB600F. Its headlight is positioned and assembled in a very attractive way. It is placed close to the edgy visor, and it is incorporated with an LED lamp as well as clear lens indicators. Furthermore, its front mudguard is extended towards its front forks that are in golden finished.

When it comes to color options, it has an available model that is colored with sports red, pearl sunbeam white, and black.

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Honda CB1000R Features

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Honda CB1000R is packed with various amazing features that its drivers would surely love. Almost everything about its parts is digitally-operated. It has a digital fuel gauge that will keep you updated about the condition of your fuel. It has a digital speedometer, tachometer, and trip meter. You don’t even need to exert more effort in starting its engine since it has an electric start.


Without a doubt, Honda CB1000R is the perfect one to have if you are looking for a bike that can offer you great performance and appearance, which has a very powerful engine.

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