Honda CBR 250R Price in India, Specs, Features & Mileage

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Motorbikes are indeed great options for commuting within a city or even two close cities. However, not everyone looks for a straight journey between point A and point B, some people prefer riding a two-wheeler with fun. High-performance motorbikes were introduced to cater to people with that specific need. Honda has been making footprints in the vehicle industry for so long now, their motorbikes are very mature and also the best in terms of performance and longevity. No other motorbike lasts as long as a Honda does, most people even wouldn’t complain about one.

Honda CBR 250R

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Here’s the Honda CBR 250R introduced to cater to the people in entry-level motorbike consumers, with a high-performance motorbike.

Engine: 249 cc.

Mileage: 29 kmpl.

Power: 26.15 bhp.

Price: Rs. 169,317.

Honda CBR 250R Specification

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The spec sheet of the Honda CBR 250R is absolutely gorgeous. Of course, the outlook is much deceiving and anyone would mistake it for a much higher specification sports bike, but in sheets, the figures aren’t that high. Yet, there’s a very well-maintained balance between engine performance and mileage to keep the young people happy.

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Engine displacement on this motorbike is 250 cc. The maximum power output goes as high as 26.15 bhp at 8,500 rpm and the maximum torque output for the CBR 250 R is 22.90 Nm at 7,000 rpm. As it appears, the engine output is much faster and the power is delivered to the engine from the transmission via a manual gearbox with 6 manual speeds; it’s a wet, multi-plate disc wet clutch. Both the brakes are disc brakes in this bike to provide full-fledged stopping power at ease, the front disc is 296 mm in diameter and the rear one is 220 mm in diameter.

Honda uses SI engines for their motorbikes and the Honda CBR 250R is no different. It’s a liquid-cooled unit with a 4-stroke operating mechanism, it has DOHC and valves – the output levels are almost like a tiny car. 0 – 100 kmph takes around 9.23 seconds, and the top speed on the Honda CBR 250R is 145 kmph. Rated fuel efficiency has been declared as 29 kmpl by Honda, and the fuel tank capacity is 13 liters.

Honda CBR 250R Design

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Design on the Honda CBR 250R resembles a very fierce bird, like the eagle on the Honda emblem that’s posted on both sides of the fuel tank. The design is very aerodynamic and possesses the capability to ride faster through any obstacles. The handle is designed for better and easier grip, evasive maneuvering in city traffic will not even be an issue. The cowl is very sporty and integrated with the design very smoothly. Everything lights – the headlight, taillight, and turn lights have received minor cosmetic detailing and upgrades over the past few years. The speedometer and fuel gauge is digital and the tachometer is analog. It has convenience features like an electronic kick start. For safety, ABS has been included. However, there’s a less priced non-ABS version as well.

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Honda CBR 250R Features

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To speak about the Honda CBR 250R, it’s a very fast city bike with all the capabilities of being a daily commuter. There are two variants – ABS and non-ABS for those who care about safety while riding a motorbike. The split-up seat provides a comfortable arrangement for the rider and the pillion, and the cowling with much aggressive and sporty look would silently declare how super fast the Honda CBR 250R truly is. With 167 curb weight on it and 29 kmpl mileage, the Honda CBR 250R is one true sports motorbike for the entry-level segment.

Honda CBR 250R Price

Mumbai ex-showroom price for the Honda CBR 250R is Rs. 169,317.


While considering a sports bike within a low budget range for the entry-level segment, none but the Honda CBR 250R pops up as the topmost priority. There are certain other competitors, but Honda is unique.

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