Honda CBR 650F Prince in India, Mileage, Specification & Features

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When Honda had planned about Honda CBR 650F’s release, they probably had the budget-tight range of consumers in mind. Even with a 650 cc displacement engine, the price is well below the 10 lacs margin and that too from a Japanese automobile manufacturer, whose level of perfection has been a legacy in the industry and to people’s minds. The Honda CBR 250F is a 2014 production motorbike with a humongous engine underneath the cowling, with modern features like ABS and what not! The Honda CBR 650F is usually assembled in Thailand, and later on, made available to all across the world.

Honda CBR 650F

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Honda CBR 650F is the higher engine performance twin brother of the Honda CBR 500R, which is around 2 lacs lesser in price and has a slightly tinier engine. Also, there’s a similar Japanese sibling titled Honda CBR 600RR with four cylinders.

Engine: 648.72 cc.

Mileage: 21 kmpl.

Power: 84.11 bhp.

Price: Rs. 760,970.

Honda CBR 650F Specifications

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The engine specs and other qualities of the Honda CBR 650F will simply blow you away, especially if you aren’t much familiar with such higher-powered motorbikes. The engine displacement is a huge 648.72 cc, and the maximum power output it offers is 84.11 bhp. Even a motorcar worth the same engine size offers lesser horsepower than this, thus riding the Honda CBR 650F will certainly be a fun experience. The maximum torque provided by the SI engine in the Honda CBR 650F is 62.90 Nm at 8,000 rpm. The engine is liquid-cooled, has 4 valves and works on the 4-stroke principle.

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Stopping power on the Honda CBR 650F is quite on the humongous side. Both wheels are equipped with disc-brake technology, and the calipers are manufactured by Nissin which happens to be a really popular company that manufactures advanced brake calipers. The front wheel is equipped with 320 mm petal brake calipers, and the rear wheel is equipped with 240 mm disc brake caliper.

The overall curb weight of the Honda CBR 650F is 215 kilograms. That’s much heavier than regular motorbikes, almost 100 kilograms of added weight. However, sports motorbikes need to be heavy for stability in extreme speed scenarios. The fuel tank is 17 liters on this motorbike, and the engine offers a rated mileage of 21 kmpl.

Honda CBR 650F Design

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The design resembles that of a Honda bike, slightly different than the regular CBR language design though. There is sharp styling all across the body of the Honda CBR 650F. The design is very aggressive as a motorcycle of this caliber is supposed to be. LED lights are posted on either side of the halogen headlamp, which could act as riding lights for daytime, much like the modern-day sports cars. The tail has an integrated under the pan for the cleanliest of looks in motorbikes. Honda CBR 650F is based on a black-themed body, even the forks that support the wheels are blacked out. In between the handles sits the main console where LCD panels provide information on the engine rev, speed, fuel status and it’s also a trip computer.

Honda CBR 650F comes in three color schemes – matte metallic black, candy blue, and red.

Honda CBR 650F Features

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Speaking of the features, there’s a whole lot to talk about. In brief details, the Honda CBR 650F has a large engine with almost a sedan sports car-like engine pick up. The fuel efficiency is low as expected, yet won’t hurt the pockets much and could be used as a city bike. As opposed to the monstrous speeds, there are super-efficient ways of stopping as well. There are three color variants to choose from. Even after all this, the price is still reasonable.

Honda CBR 650F Price

The ex-showroom Mumbai price for the Honda CBR 650F is Rs. 760,970.


Honda CBR 650F makes a great appearance in the Indian motorbike markets. People with a much higher budget and prefer

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