Honda CD 110 Price in India, Mileage, Specs & Features

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Honda from Japan has always made the best two-wheelers in the universe. Of course, other competitions have arisen with the improvement in industrial technology, but no other had been able so far to take the most superior position in the motorcycle industry in the Indian market from Honda Japan. Japanese definition of superiority and perfection is different from that of any other part of the world, and that’s why people love these products over any other.

Honda CD 110

Honda CD 110 Dream is based on a classical Honda CD model from the past, and it’s now in the same class as the Dream Yuga and Dream Neo. This bike falls within the basic commuting bike. Honda motorbikes are very popular for their reliable service and longevity over so many years, there are plenty of Honda motorbikes in the streets that have been handed over from generation to generation. The Honda CD 110 Dream would certainly be one of them.

Engine: 110cc

Mileage: 83 kmpl.

Power: 8.25 bhp.

Price: Rs. 47,968.

Honda CD 110 Dream Design

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Honda CD 110 Dream design is more on the simplicity end, Honda has kept everything as plain as possible. Mostly sold Indian market distribution version of the Honda CD 110 Dream comes with spoke wheels and kick start, but there are two more versions with alloy wheels in this segment, the price various only by few thousand rupees.

The seating arrangement on Honda CD 110 Dream is more like the old school motorbikes, not straight as much but not two seats placed on two different levels either. The pillion seat is slightly escalated from the rider’s, which should make the ride comfortable for commuting within a city; probably from your home to your college or workplace or the other way around. Highway riding is fun on Honda CD 110 Dream as well, the engine output and mileage figure should be able to satisfy the rider.

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All the Honda CD 110 Dream motorbikes are black in color, however, the visuals on the body have three different color options. The color schemes for the Honda CD 110 Dream are black with blue stripes, black with red stripes and black with grey stripes.

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Honda CD 110 Dream Specifications

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Honda CD 110 Dream specifications look good so far, for a commuter motorbike of its class. The engine displacement in the Honda CD 110 Dream is 110 cc. The maximum power output figure is 8.25 bhp at 7,500 rpm and the maximum torque output from this 110 cc engine is 8.63 Nm at 5,500 rpm. The transmission is manual as expected, with 4 gears. Since this motorbike isn’t intended to be sporting around, the rider shouldn’t feel the lack of one or two additional gears for better engine pick up.

For stopping, both the wheels have drum brakes, sufficient to stop the bike within a short time frame. There are no disc brake options for this motorbike. There are both kick start and self-start variants, the self-start variant comes with a set of alloy wheels.

Fuel efficiency has been marked 83 kmpl officially, the actual figure might vary depending on the actual riding conditions. In normal city riding conditions with a moderate amount of traffic jams, the actual mileage figure should stick to the official figure.  Overall curb weight is 105 kilograms, with 8 liters of the fuel tank.


The Honda CD 110 Dream is suited for people of any age group. Even though it’s basically targeted towards the mid-aged and senior citizens, even many youths love the CD 110 for the strong build quality, superior mileage figures and of course, the Honda logo – this Japanese brand has earned such trust and faith from its enthusiasts long time ago.

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