Honda Dream Yuga Price in India, Mileage, Specs & Features

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Honda Dream Yuga is one of the finest motorbikes ever manufactured by Honda. This has been the number one choice of a lot of people in the Indian market of motorcycles, since its release way back in the year 2012. The whole package of this motorbike was made with its inspirations, CB Shine and CB Twister motorcycles. It has a higher rating when talking about customer reviews. Some commuters said that it impressed them when it comes to performance. There are even conservative commuters who intensely loved its simple and basic style.

Honda Dream Yuga

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Good build quality, vast service network, and good mileage are the best things that comprised Honda Dream Yuga. Certainly, Honda Dream Yuga can serve its purpose well to the commuters, so there’s no reason why people should not go for this motorbike brand and model.

Engine: 109 cc.

Mileage: 84 kmpl.

Power: 8 bhp.

Price: Rs. 55,090.

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Honda Dream Yuga Specifications

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With its 109 cc engine, it is just right to say that Honda Dream Yuga belongs to those motorbike types that have medium-sized engines. It is a mono-cylinder, four-stroke engine that produces a maximum power of 8 bhp at 7,500 rpm. Its maximum torque is 9 Nm at 5,500 rpm, making it perfect for the city traffic. It can give you stress-free longer rides even on the national highways. Its top speed can reach up to 97 kmph, so there’s no way you cannot arrive on time with the use of this motorbike.

As a commuter bike manufactured by a world-renowned company, Honda Dream Yuga is bound to give you extreme comfort while driving it. You can have a comfortable position while driving it since its handlebar and footpegs are placed that way. It has a very wide seat compared to other motorbikes, which is why extreme comfort can be assured. Safety is even not an issue in this motorbike. It has a pass-light button and a big leg guard. For more security purposes, this bike is built with a drum braking system.

Honda Dream Yuga also has its diamond chassis type on its body frame. The entire body of this motorbike weighs 108 kilograms, making it heavier when compared to others. Nonetheless, its heavyweight does not make it less of a motorcycle. Its wheels are tubeless and made from alloy materials. With that being said, there is no way it cannot accommodate any weight of its passengers. What is being loved by many people about this motorbike is its higher fuel efficiency. Its fuel tank capacity can reach up to 8 liters.

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Honda Dream Yuga Design

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This motorbike actually has a very simple basic design, and it is kinda identical to its older model, Honda Shine. The only difference is that it is added with some more beautiful fresh graphics and designs. It has all-black theme, like its black silencer, black alloy wheels, and black-colored engine. Its rear mudguard is styled in a different way, with a sharper look and angular, big tail light. All in all, this motorbike is a premium looking one, yet priced in an affordable manner.

When it comes to color, you can have a lot of choices from this motorbike. You can go for sports red, black, all black, majestic grey, vibrant blue, sports black, sports red, black with heavy grey metallic, and black with radiant red metallic.

Honda Dream Yuga Features

Honda Dream Yuga has the basic features of a modern high-performance motorbike like the analog speedometer. It has a fuel gauge that will let you know the condition of your fuel, but it is not a digital one. Also, it has an electric start feature that will be a total advantage on your part when you start the engine of this motorbike.

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Without a doubt, Honda Dream Yuga is the perfect one to buy for all those commuters out there. It is affordable, yet very efficient in performance.

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