How to Drive Scooty – Check this 5 Point Guide 2023

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Riding scooty is always fun and most of us have wanted to ride the scooty since we were as young as 10 or 11 years. This is something not possible but we all can ride a scooty in India once we are 16 years old. Most of the people are not aware of this fact but you can get a driving license for a gearless scooty once you are 16 years old. This helps you in ensuring that you are riding legally. Apart from this, you can also learn to ride scooty with help of the driving schools that have come up in recent times. The number of schools that teaches you to ride a scooty is still far less so it gets difficult to find them.

The best solution is to try yourself and we have listed a 5 point guide for you so as to help you in understand how to drive a scooty. Remember that safety comes first so you always need to wear a helmet and you always need to keep your speed slow. Learn in the supervision of an adult and at the same time. While learning, you should be in open space instead of a busy road. You need to agree on these points before we move forward.

Now, let us look at the 5 points that would help you in understanding the way to drive scooty.

1. Learn to Balance Scooty

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The first thing that you need to learn to ride the scooty is to balance the scooty. If you ever rode a cycle then it would be easier for you to balance the scooty. The principle is the same and you just need the same skillset. If you are not very confident with the balance then we would recommend you to start with cycle and then move on to scooty. The balance is simple however, you need to remove the side stand and while sitting, balance the scooty on the left leg. Once you are ready to go, accelerate and remove your leg from the road. You should be able to balance easily. Ride very slow and ensure that you have a person who knows how to ride a scooty near you while you are trying this.

2. Understand the Scooty – Know your scooty before driving

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You also need to understand the scooty if you are planning to ride one. Understand the acceleration and how it works. Understand the brakes as well. You need to understand which the front is and which the rear brake is. Check out all the features of the scooty and check out the troubleshooting guide as well. Some of the scootys still have a manual choke so you need to understand the way it works. Check the details one by one and then you will be able to understand the scooty completely before you ride. The best way to understand the scooty is to check out the manual. In addition to this, if you are buying a new scooty then you can request the person at the showroom to give you a demo.

3. Side Indicator Guide 

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Side Indicators are really important and you need to give an indicator before you turn or it else it can prove to be fatal. Once your turn is approaching, give the indicator signal at least 100 to 200 meters before the turn. This will give a signal to the person behind you. The indicator console is there on the handle and does not forget to turn off the indicator after making the turn because unlike cars, the indicator on scooty doesn’t come with auto-off feature

4. Learn to Start and Off via Self Start and Kick

All the scootys comes with a self-start so it is really easy to start the scooty. You just need to plug in the key and turn it to ignition. Now, press the left brake handle and press the self-start button. This fires the engine but what do you do when the battery is down? The self-start will now work so in this case, put the scooty on the centre stand and use the kick start. This will fire up the engine.

5. Fuel Tank how to open

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The last thing that you need to take care of is the way you open the fuel tank. There are different scootys which has a fuel opening at different places. Most of the new scootys have it on side of the seat so you do not have to get up and lift the seat every time you need to refuel the scooty. Some of the scootys have the opening under the seat so you would need to get up and lift the seat to open the tank. The ignition key is needed to open the lock for the fuel tank and the seat.

This was all about riding a Scooty. We hope that this would help you in understanding the ways that you need to adapt to ride the scooty safely.

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