Jupiter Grande Price, Mileage, Colors & Review 2023

TVS Jupiter

TVS Jupiter is popular across the country and it is available in several variants. The top of the line variant is Jupiter Grande and Jupiter Grande Disc. The difference between the two is that one comes with the front disc brakes while the other one comes without front disc brakes. These scootys are loaded with the features and they have all the performance enhancements that were needed. If you are planning to purchase Jupiter Grande or if you are confused about your choice then you must check out this article about Jupiter Grande

Jupiter Grande

Jupiter Grande Prices in India

A mentioned earlier, the Jupiter Grande is a lot of the line variant for TVS Jupiter and the cost of the most expensive model for Jupiter is Rs 59,900. This is for Grande Disc. If you wish to opt for a model without the disc brakes then you can opt for Jupiter Grande which is priced at Rs 57,293. There is a difference of just a couple of thousands so we would actually recommend you to opt for the variant that comes with the disc brakes.

Jupiter Grande Specifications

Let us now look at some of the basic specifications of Jupiter Grande and Jupiter Grande Disc

Engine Displacement 109.7 cc
Number of Cylinder 1
Maximum Power 8 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Maximum Torque 8.4 Nm @ 5500 rpm
Fuel Delivery System via Carburettor
Ignition Type Digital IDI with Ignition Map Technology
Cooling System Air Cooled Engine
Gears Automatic V-Matic Transmission
Front Brakes 130 mm Drum or 220 mm Disc
Rear Brakes 130 mm Drum
Front Tyre Size 90/90-12 54J, Tubeless
Rear Tyre Size 90/90-12 54J, Tubeless
Kerb Weight 108 Kg
Length 1834 mm
Width 650 mm
Height 1115 mm
Chassis Type High Rigidity Underbone Type
Ground Clearance 150 mm
Seat Height 765 mm

If you choose the Disc variant then you get the front Disc Brakes or else you get a drum brake in front.

Jupiter Grande Colours

TVS Jupiter is available in a total of 10 colors but when we talk about the signature color for the Grande and Grande Disc variant then the signature color is Starlight Blue. This color looks really modern and it appeals to youth the most. It is a unisex color so you do not really have to worry about this color being girly or too masculine.

Jupiter Grande Review

img source: gaadicdn.com

TVS Jupiter Grande is loaded with the feature and to start with, it has Diamond Cut Alloys wheels which gives this scooty a really modern look. Apart from that, the scooty comes with a digital-analog speedometer and the console also has an economizer along with low fuel indicator and other such functions. The headlamp in this variant is LED Tech Headlamp which comes with a positioning lamp as well. This means clear visibility of the road ahead.

The seat is a premium cross stitched finish which not only offers you grip but also adds on to the look. Another optional feature here is to get a mobile charger installed. What makes the ride more comfortable is the Adjustable rear shocks. It is really easy to adjust the shockers and you can make them stiff or soft depending on the riding conditions. If you are opting for the disc brake variant then you also get SBS. Overall, it is an amazing scooty which has satisfied each and every customer.

Jupiter Grande Mileage

TVS claims a mileage of 56 Kmpl for this scooty but the users have reported mileage of 50 Kmpl. The difference is major because of the fact that the mileage reported by the company is in ideal conditions whereas most of the people have rough driving.

Jupiter Grande Weight

img source: gaadikey.com

If the scooty is too heavy then you might not get the right mileage and the right acceleration whereas if the scooty is too light then you might not get enough stability. TVS managed to strike a balance with the weight so that the scooty offers a good acceleration along with good stability to the rider. The kerb weight of the TVS Jupiter Grande is 108 Kg.

Jupiter Grande Fuel Tank Capacity

It is important to have a right tank capacity so that the scooty can help you in getting the right range. This would help you in avoiding frequent refuels. The tank capacity of the TVS Jupiter is 5 Liters and this offers you a range of about 250 Kms. In addition to this, the scooty also comes with a digital low fuel indicator that warns you when you are running low on fuel. Lastly, the refuel cap is placed behind the seat and hence you do not have to open the seat whenever it is required to refuel the scooty.

This was all about TVS Grande. If you are looking for the top of the line modern-looking scooty then you have a perfect product for yourself. you should also check Jupiter Classic & Jupiter ZX variants as well

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