Sur-Ron Ebike Game Changer

Besides that, it looks awesome and performs amazingly. Nothing on the market rivals the Sur-Ron at the $3500 price point for what you get for your money.

2000 Watt-hour High-Performance Battery

Lithium batteries are very expensive the bigger and more powerful the more expensive, and an electric motorcycle requires a big battery. The Sur-Ron packs a 60v 32ah battery which is a whopping 2000 watt-hours, 4x the size of a typical e-bike battery. It is built with either Panasonic PF cells (very respected cells) or Samsung 30q cells, which are regarded as the highest performing high density (3000mah per cell) 18650 currently on the market.

The engineering and the build quality of the Sur-Ron pack is the best we have ever seen on any small EV and we suspect it may have been built by aliens. It is that good. It has many custom extrusion and plastic injected parts never seen before in an e-bike. It uses a car level BMS with a microprocessor to monitor every part of the battery and shut it down if it ever reaches an unsafe state, such as overheating or if it loses a cell bank. All this is to keep the pack safe at high power levels and to ensure long life and durability. The drawback, this type of BMS is usually expensive ($400 retail) and we have never seen this level of BMS in an e-bike to this day.

Powerful Controller And Mid Drive Motor

High-Speed motors and controllers enough to carry a heavy bike and rider at any reasonable speed are expensive. .. and in the case of a motorcycle, a high power motor and controller are needed. Its harder to trick people with a pedal-assisted motorcycle and convince them its powerful. With no pedals in the equation, it becomes really clear a weak motorcycle with no balls why bother with an electric motorcycle?

The most affordable option by far for a high power e-bike or motorcycle is gigantic hub motor in the rear wheel This makes absolutely terrible weight distribution and makes the bike almost unrideable off-road. It is very easy and affordable to make and design such a bike since you can buy a high power hub motor (that weighs 30 pounds) and controller combination for $300. You will end up with some Frankenstein bike and not nearly as refined, nimble, or as fast as the Sur-Ron and will probably end up spending about the same amount of money once it is built. Also, the bike will be borderline dangerous because high power hub motors are notorious for snapping bicycle dropouts and require a lot of custom welding just to deal with the power. The Sur-Ron is a mid-drive, with the motor right where it should be in a quality motorbike, mounted low and in the center. An affordable powerful mid-drive EV like the Sur-Ron is unheard of….why because they are it usually expensive and hard to build. Notice the Sur-Ron uses a 2 stage reduction from motor to belt and then belt to chain…that kind of thing is necessary to make a small mid-drive motor to spin fast and still give the necessary torque at the back wheel to power the bike…that kind of design is not easy compared to slapping a big heavy hub motor on a bike.

Quality Full Suspension

In the electric bike market, its commonplace to put a 20 dollar Chinese fork on the front can call it suspended…. Affordable full suspension bikes are even more of a joke and most serious riders would prefer no suspension to these heavy clunky steel junk that looks like suspension and barely performs. At the $3500 dollar price point, you will not find many full-suspension bikes with any brand name suspension. The Sur-Ron has been offered with brand name 8-inch front suspension including Fast Ace, RST, and DNM which all on their own would cost over $400 retail. In reality, all the forks are about the same in performance…the RST is more reliable and the fast ace looks better because it has an inverted motorcycle design… for more details on the fork take a look at this video from Luna Cycle… but whatever you choose all these forks are about the same, and what you would expect for a $400 bargain fork. (not a 20 bargain junk fork like goes on most production bikes).


Amazing Alloy Frame

This is a custom sand cast frame, made with the geometry that would rival a KTM off-road bike. The build quality is superb and would rival any gas motorbike at this price point.It’s topped off with such a high-quality scratch-resistant powder-coated paint job that many people assume its anodized.

Components To Support All The Above

When you put it all together the Sur-Ron becomes conservatively a 40mph bike if throttle limits are off. To support that kind of power requires a lot of good components all the way around including:

  • Motorcycle rated tires, wheels, and spokes
  • Motorcycle rated chain, sprockets and belts
  • Quality hydraulic disc brakes
  • Quality motorcycle e-throttle
  • Acceptable quality all the way around
  • Accurate battery meter, and display
  • Bright LED front lights and brake and tail lights
  • High quality 10 amp 60v charger (600 watts)

Luna Cycle did a video taking apart the Sur-Ron bike and breaking down all the fine details of the Sur Ron bike, it is well worth the watch to see first hand the engineering that went into the details of the Sur-Ron.

How Did Sur Ron Do It?

Sometimes you look at a product made in china and ask yourself how the hell did they make it so cheap?

I have never been impressed with a Chinese electric bike like I have the Sur-Ron…. and it really makes me scratch my head.

The answer comes in that Sur-Ron has big plans for this bike and wants to sale thousands…and not just hundreds. They are geared up to make a lot of bikes and took a tremendous gamble and we salute them for being a rare Chinese company willing to gamble… and they have invented a product that really is in its own league.

Sur-Ron is a young Chinese company with young engineers with a passion for motorsports and its obvious. They wanted to make this bike affordable so it would have a big splash in the western market.

They are not copiers or imitators…they set out to make something really amazing and are hell-bent to make a big splash in the market that will frighten even big players like Honda or Yamaha because they are capable of making bikes in high quantity in great quality…and then ignore the rest of the EV price structure and offer these bikes at an earth-shattering price.

They invested heavily in tooling in this bike so that they can reduce the cost per bike.

They have an advanced team of engineers and have optimized an assembly line so they can build bikes fast.

Obviously a bike built with the ideas must sale big numbers to invest in millions of dollars worth of tooling and engineering…. Sur-Ron decided to keep the profit minimal to pull off these numbers.

They partnered with a company like the luna cycle that can offer the product with very little markup to keep the price to the consumer low. Luna Cycle has conveniently located a stone’s throw from the Los Angeles port so they can bring in a container of bikes quickly and ship to the rest of the united states using the high volume shipping techniques they have already developed.

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