Top 10 Best Trusted Scooty (Scooter) Tire Brands in India 2023

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Tires are a very important part of a scooter. All the torque in your scooter comes from the wheels and propels the vehicle to speed. So, it is vital to choose the best scooter tire. Most 2-wheeler makers are willing to stick to their own brands. Though there is no issue with that, it would nothing be bad if you add better tires. Several tire brands have decades of experience in manufacturing the best scooty tire to give an edge to your vehicle over others.

10. Bridgestone

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Based in Kurume, Japan, Bridgestone was established in 1931. Over the past decades, Bridgestone has been the leading name in the world. It produces tires in 141 facilities in 24 countries. It is engaged in producing automotive parts, industrial products, and bikes and scooter tires.

9. Pirelli

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Pirelli is headquartered in Milan, Italy and the pioneer in tire manufacturing since 1872. It is ranked 5th among the tire manufacturers in the world and the quality of tires is acknowledged by several leading sources. It has set up 19 manufacturing plants in 160 countries.

8. Metzeler

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Since 1863, Metzeler Tyre is being renowned as a Germany based giant. It has ventured into the global market and has a presence in virtually all the subcontinents. It produces tires for different vehicles. It offers a superior road grip in all terrains.

7. Falken

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Based in Kobe, Japan, Falken is the leading tire manufacturer since 1983. It is known as one of the top tire brands worldwide and it is supplying the tires across the whole US. It is playing a vital role in the world of formula racing.

6. Michelin

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It is the leading tire brand preferred globally over other established and leading tire brands. Established in 1889, Michelin is one of the top 3 tire brands for decades. It is a France based manufacturer which is appreciated well across the world.

5. Goodyear

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Established in 1898, Goodyear is based in the US as one of the well-recognized tire brands with an impeccable presence in the world. It is known as one of the best tire brands worldwide. The tires are available for automobiles, bikes, scooters, trucks, SUVs and even aircraft.

4. JK Tyre

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Established in the year 1974, JK Tyre is a Delhi-based brand and known to be one of the best tire brands in India. It is offering a whole range of tires for two-wheelers and four-wheelers as well. It has made a great presence in over 80 countries worldwide. It has manufacturing plants in Chennai, Mysore, Benmore and Kankroli.


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It is one of the most prestigious scooter tire brands in India. It has 6 manufacturing plants in Mumbai. It is offering tires for all kinds of vehicles.

2. Apollo Tyres

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It is the 17th largest tire manufacturer in the world. It is more than just a tire brand. Based in Gurgaon, Apollo Tyres was established in 1976.

1. MRF

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Headquartered in Chennai, MRF is the top scooter tire brand in India established in 1946. It manufactures tires for all kinds of vehicles providing superior road grip.

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