Top 10 Best & Upcoming Scooty Below 70000 in India 2023

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Engineers have made these amazing Scooters that are available at such low price and they are even more balanced and safe as well. Now you can ride the most amazing Scooty / Scooter under 70000 Rs with complete confidence. People no longer need to worry about finding themselves away from home with these amazing two-wheeler and can enjoy shopping and roaming around without worry.

They are much cheaper than a car or motorbike, and even they are easier and comfortable ride than a bicycle or pair of rollerblades. Now you can make your choice with the list of bikes we have given in the list. Wide range of scooters available these days with a variety of colors and sizes with options of performance and speed with a seat and backrest and many other alternatives. In this festive season, you must get one of the best gifts for someone special and it can be a two-wheeler.

1. Honda Activa 110cc Scooter

Honda Activa 110cc Scooter is one of the most exciting scooters and it will gain popularity in the coming year. It’ll be the fourth product within the portfolio of Honda and very much famous in the Indian market. In the year 2023, you might also get to see a 125cc engine power-driven scooter. This approaching 110cc scooter will be known as code name K24A and power-driven by the 109cc single-cylinder engine. The scooter is powered with Honda’s Honda Eco Technology that provides excellent mileage. This scooter will be a great competition for the Yamaha Ray-Z.

Honda Activa is the bestselling scooter in India because of its rigidity and reliability. It has constantly been proven to be the leader in the scooter segment. Since its introduction 13 years ago, Activa 3G has never seen any downfall in sales. Activa 110cc is the revamped model which further enhanced to Activa 5G. It features a 110cc engine and a lot of amazing features like large space for storage, full metal body, combi brakes, and 3D Emblem. Activa 3G has a width of 710mm, height of 1149mm and 1761 mm, when it comes to dimension. The ground clearance has 153mm and the seat is 765mm high.

It delivers great durability in rough roads with a stylish metal body. It has been engraved well in the stylish 3D emblem. It has well-designed taillights which are simply stylish. It features an Anti-theft key shutter adding more security and safety to the lock. Under the seat, it has a storage space of 18 liters.

Expected Price: 49,517

2. TVS RockZ 125

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TVS RockZ 125 is an excellent product from the TVS and this time TVS has introduced ATL (Anti thievery Locking) system along with the MP3 player. These options are the most effective and new in the segment to make sure a lot of riders and provide them with safety and luxury. This scooter is quite successful in Indonesia and it will available at 50000 Rs in the Indian market. The TVS RockZ 125 has given an appropriate name as it has a sporty and classy look. The scooter is equipped with 125 cc engine with 9.8 bhp power and 9.8 Nm of torsion on the ride.

TVS Rocks are classy yet elegant scooter which has drum brakes on the rear and disc brakes on the front with long telescopic suspension and the rear wheel has dual spring shock absorbers. It is supposed to have a larger rear wheel and front wheel with wide tires for superior road grip. The scooter has a longer and wider seat to provide a cozy and painless ride for both the pillion and the rider as well. It has an amazing front panel and it features a really very stylish look. The front indicators are stacked well and it has a long size.

The scooter has the headlamp cluster which features a multi-focal 35/35W halogen headlamp. The rear has a multi-reflector and a unique shaped tail lamp with well-integrated sweeping styled rear indicators. It has a lot of amazing features like IMS and USB music player with inbuilt speakers. It is really a classy and stylish moped that has a lot of comfort features.

Expected Price: 45,000

3. Bajaj Blade 125

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Bajaj Blade 125 scooty is an excellent scooter. Bajaj is one of the famous two-wheelers and the brand is the third largest 2 wheeler manufacturer India. The scooter is equipped with 125cc air-cooled four-valve four-stroke engine. The scooter is having kick start and electric start, with 12-inch alloy wheels, and also digital instrument panel, etc. the engine is powered with CVT automatic transmission gearbox that provides great performance. it is one of the best brands as far as two-wheeler is a concern.

Bajaj Blade 125 features 4-valve, 125cc DTS-I engine that delivers great power of 11.5bhp. Despite being such a strong commuter, it is designed for ladies to make their way along with the traffic. The scooter features enough of luggage space and it is lightweight. It is zippy and cozy to ride and it would come in both electric start and kickstart options. The chassis is a rigid frame with cozy and soft suspension so you can enjoy hassle-free commute on Indian streets.

The front features telescopic suspension and rear have spring-powered shock absorbers with a pivoted fork. It is the latest and most advanced suspension for Bajaj scooters and it provides ample control on Indian terrains. The wheels look classy and have 12” alloys. The tires work really well with the suspension to ensure proper control on rough roads. The scooter has rear drum brake and front disc brake to provide instant de-acceleration.

Price: 40,000

4. TVS Qube

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TVS is trying to cater to every segment and in this regard, TVS has launched Qube, which is another hot two-wheeler from the TVS. This amazing two-wheeler will be available at 70000 Rs. it is one of the hybrid scooters from the TVS. It can become the primary scooter in the Indian market being the hybrid drive. The scooter is powered with a 100cc combustion engine. The engine can operate the electric motor and lithium-ion batteries. There’ll be 2 riding mode choices for the rider that includes ‘Hybrid Economy Mode’ and Hybrid Power Mode’.

The product strategy of TVS also includes an electric two-wheeler which is titled as Qube. The scooter will be powered by one hybrid motor and one 100cc combustible petrol engine. Hence, you can choose from two different modes in the same scooter. The hybrid motor gets more and more power from lithium-ion batteries that are charged well from the electricity that is generated when it comes to applying the brakes. The electric motor can take you whenever you want.

It will also come with a choice of the all-electric engine that you can use for short trips. It will also have hybrid power and hybrid economy mode. You will get better power because both power sources work in power mode. In economy mode, only one motor will work to boost efficiency and conserve energy. The technology provides a great reduction of emission as it will come with a 4-speed gearbox.

Expected Price: 65,000

5. Hero Dash 110cc

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Hero always provides grate two-wheeler and this time Hero has introduced DASH 110 with powerful 111 cc Engine, single-cylinder, air-cooled. The scooter provides a great Power output of 8.5bhp, 9.4Nm. It will become one of the hot sellers in the coming year. This Hero Dash would be available in a price range of 55,000-65000. The hero is one of the most famous and in-demand brands in the two-wheeler sector.

Hero Dash is the latest installment from Hero MotoCorp as an automatic scooter which truly resembles Maestro. According to the company, the whole-new Dash is going to be a strong competitor to various other scooters like TVS WeGo, Honda Activa, and TVS Jupiter. It has been designed especially for male riders.  It is a whole-new 110cc scooter which resembles Pleasure and Maestro in looks. It has the whole-new 111cc engine to churn out 8.5bhp of power and 9.4Nm of torque output. The fuel tank has the capacity to store 6 liters and 115 mm of ground clearance.

The front has 12” alloy wheels and telescopic suspension. It has a lot of appealing features like LED tail lights, combi braking, tail-mounted fuel lid, mobile charging port, service indicator, and under-seat storage. It is giving tough competition to Jupiter, TVS Wego, Honda Activa and various other bestsellers in the market.

Expected Price: 51,000

6. Hero Dare 125cc

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Hero MotoCop is one of the best brands in the two-wheeler sector and always successful in catering two-wheeler that in reach and this time Hero has introduced Dare 125 cc with powerful 125 cc Engine, single-cylinder, air-cooled. The scooter provides a great Power output of 9.1, 9.4Nm. It will become one of the hot sellers in the coming year and the company will launch it in festive time. This Hero Dare would be available in a price range of 55,000-60000.

Hero Dare 125 has always been the hottest favorite model in the futuristic scooter lists. It truly resembles Ray and Dio. On the body, the headlight has the rear sight in the scooter market. This arrangement has not much fan-following but those who love it, will definitely have a nice time. This futuristic bike looks truly ahead of the current time. It has great use of LEDs in front which truly makes it different from others. It has appealing black cutter alloys and a front headlight that are rear on the scooter in India. At the front, the petal disc looks world-class and the body is sharper around both ends. It has the ideal combo of Red and Black.

The scooter features 125cc engine that produces around 9.8 Nm at 6500rpm and 9.4 BHP at 7500rpm. It has an automatic gearbox and the scooter is truly fantastic. It has a hydraulic disc brake at the front and rear has a drum brake.

Expected Price: 55,000

7. Honda Lead 125cc

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Honda needs no introduction and it is a top brand in India as far as two-wheelers are a concern. Honda has always been successful in providing great scooters to its customers and they have happy customers. Honda Lead 125cc is equipped with 125 cc Engine with a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled. It is powered with 11.33bhp. This new launch will gain popularity in the years to come. Honda Lead 125cc would be available in a price range of 65,000 – 70,000.

Honda seems to be engaged in launching world-class scooter models in India and Lead 125 is another addition. It has all the advanced and modern features with a truly styling appeal. It has 124.95cc engine that can produce 11.6 Nm at 5000rpm and 11.33 BHP at 8500rpm. It features Honda V-Matic belt auto transmission that provides a smooth drive. The fuel injection technology is another premium feature in this bike over Activa. It produces more power and efficiency along with the telescopic suspension. Hence you can easily ride it anywhere. It has 37 liters of storage space under the seat that can store almost everything.

The rear wheel features drum brakes and the front has disc brakes. It has well-designed styling and it has an analog-digital combo of the console. Hence, it is truly a smart choice. It is truly a value-for-money bike from Honda when it comes to combining utility and style.

Expected Price: 70,000

8. Yamaha Nozza Grande 125cc Scooter

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Yamaha is another major company in the two-wheeler market and it is more famous for its bike but with Yamaha Nozza Grande 125cc Scooter, Yamaha definitely tries to make a grand comeback. This super stylish scooter is equipped with a 125cc engine, single-cylinder, air-cooled. It is powered with 11 bhp. It might become a competition for many companies in the same segments. Yamaha Nozza Grande 125cc Scooter would be available in a price range of 65,000 – 70,000.

After the successful launch of Alpha and Ray series in 2014, it seems that Yamaha has got a lot of confidence to introduce a new scooter to give a tough competition to various other scooters in India. As a result, 2015 has seen the arrival of a first 125cc scooter from Yamaha in India. It is titled as 04X and it is being produced at the new scooter manufacturing unit of Yamaha in Chennai. Initially, Yamaha Nozza Grande was introduced in Vietnam and it was designed on the similar architectural design of this model.

The Indian model is planned to be pitched against Vespa VX125, Activa 125, Suzuki Access, Suzuki Swish and various upcoming scooters of the 125cc engine in this segment.  The 125cc scooter is going to be launched to elevate the company to new heights in the scooter market in India.  When Alpha and Ray series is currently being sold on the 110cc segment, Nozza Grande is a revolutionary step.

Expected Price:  64,458

9. Piaggio 110cc

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Piaggio is new but gaining popularity with time and this time it has introduced Piaggio Liberty. It is one of the stylish looking bikes that will make it place in a highly competitive environment. This amazing scooter is equipped with a 125cc engine, single-cylinder, air-cooled. It is powered with 110.2 bhp and 10.4 Nm. it will become famous in the coming years. Piaggio Liberty would be available in a price range of 65,000 – 65,000.

Vespa is a legendary scooter from the house of Piaggio in the Indian market. It comes with retro design and feels so it stands out in the competition. It features a well-integrated 125cc engine with steel monocoque chassis. It churns out 10.6 Nm of torque, 10bhp of power and the well-claimed mileage that stands out with the mileage of 60 km. It is the premium scooter which has a lot of attractive features like alloy wheels, analog-digital console, front disc brakes, alloy wheels, and premium seat.

Vespa 110cc comes in 9 shades. Piaggio makes an innovative comeback with the iconic Vespa scooter in the Indian market. It is an uber-stylish, a chic model that holds retro-styling and provides oodles of comfort and performance which is not possible in any other scooter in India. However, its heavy price tag may keep several potential buyers away. It is best in looks, handling, performance, and quality.

Expected Price: 82,208

10. Piaggio Fly 125

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Another great launch by Piaggio is Piaggio Fly 125 which provides a powerful ride. This super stylish scooter is equipped with 125cc engine, single-cylinder, air-cooled. It is powered with 10.5 bhp and 10.7 Nm. it will become famous in the coming years. Piaggio Fly 125 would be available in a price range of 65,000 – 70000. It will soon gain popularity with the features as it will gain attention from most of the teenagers for sure.

Piaggio is renowned to design, develop and engineer two-wheelers of compact size and commercial vehicles. Headquartered in Italy, it has different subsidiaries to produce around 6.15 Lakh vehicles across 50 nations. Piaggio Fly 125 is a modern electric scooter that is a lot capable of great handling and poise and it enjoys superior acceleration. Piaggio has launched it in 2013 and it is all set to be available in India within a few months. This electric scooter has a 3-valve, efficient 125cc engine that reduces emissions. It has a preload adjuster and hydraulic shock absorber. The rear and front tires go really well in areas that have high traffic. The scooter generates up to 14 bhp of power at 9750rpm and 12 Nm of torque at 8000rpm.

It features drum brakes in both rear and front wheels but it has an option for disc brakes. It is yet another affordable vehicle with the cost of around Rs. 50000.

Expected Price:  55,000

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