5 125cc Bikes Gives Best Mileage – Ideal for Daily Commute

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India has a huge market for bikes and scooters. The categorization in India happens on the basis of engine displacement. For example, the first segment is for the bikes which are 100cc or below. The second segment is for the bikes with a displacement capacity of 125cc or below. The third segment is for 150cc or below. In the fourth segment, we have bikes for 200 cc and above. This is the most generalized segmentation used in India.

Presently, many brands are coming up with bikes above 200 cc which and bikes with a displacement of 400cc. These are surely powerful beast but the problem is that they are not economical for daily travel. Moreover, these bikes also cost a bomb. In such a case, most of the riders restrict to 100 cc or 125 cc bikes. 100 cc bikes might feel a little underpowered and hence not a lot of people would purchase it whereas 125 cc bikes become a preferred choice because it has the right mix of power and mileage.

In this article, we are going to list the top 5 best mileage 125 cc bikes. We have compiled the list after a lot of research so you can surely rely on the listing. So, here is the list.

5. Hero Glamour

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Hero Glamour is where our list starts with and it comes in two variants. There had been many cosmetic upgrades in this version when compared to the last generation of Hero Glamour. You can choose the variant with disc brakes. In addition to this, Hero Glamour comes in 5 different colors.

The displacement capacity of the engine of Hero Glamour is 124.7 cc and as per the information available, the peak power output of the engine is 8.9 bhp. In addition to this, Hero Glamour is priced at Rs 59,100 which is for the base model. The top model with the disc brakes comes at Rs 61,100. Lastly, the mileage that is offered by Hero Glamour is 55 Kmpl.

4. Honda Livo

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Honda is a synonym of quality and this bike is exactly what Honda stands for. The bike comes in 4 variants. The major difference between the four is that of disc brakes and CBS. The top model comes with disc brakes as well as CBS whereas the lower model doesn’t have any. If you are planning to purchase this bike then we would surely recommend you purchase the top variant because of the additional security it offers to the rider. This bike is available in 6 different colors.

Honda is known for its refined engine and the Honda Livo certainly comes with one refine engine which has a total displacement capacity of 109.18cc. In addition to this, the engine also generates a total of 8.2 bhp power. All this comes at a cost of Rs 58,469. As mentioned earlier, the top variant of the bike comes with disc brakes and a combined braking system. This variant costs Rs 61,404. In terms of mileage, Honda Livo offers 60 Kmpl which is certainly a good mileage.

3. Hero Super Splendor

Next on our list is another bike from Hero. This is the 125 cc version of Splendor and it is quite amazing in terms of performance. The bike has a sharp powertrain and it comes in one standard model. The bike had been in Indian markets for 2 decades and even after the heavy use, the bike offers a good resale to the owner. Lastly, Hero Super Splendor is available in 6 different colors.

This second bike from Hero also has a 124.7 cc engine but the power generated by this engine is a little higher. The total power generation here is 9 bhp. In addition to this, the bike is able to offer 75 Kmpl which is certainly high if we compare it with 4th and 5th rank in the list. In terms of cost, Hero Super Splendor comes at a price of Rs 57,850.

2. Bajaj Platina 110

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Bajaj is a known name and this is one of the most affordable 125 cc bikes on our list. It has the capability to take over the competitors easily. In addition to this, Platina is available only in one single version which comes without disc brake. Do not expect much from the bike in terms of features but the performance of the bike is sure up to the mark. Bajaj Platina 110 is available in one single Colour.

The engine fitted in Bajaj Platina 110 is a 115 cc air-cooled engine which can help you in generating 8.6 bhp of power. This bike comes at an ex-showroom price of Rs 49,581. Just like Hero Super Splendor, Bajaj Platina 110 also offers a mileage of 75 Kmpl however, this bike is much cheaper than Hero Splendor.

1. Bajaj Discover 125

This is the second bike from Bajaj on the list. The bike had been popular since its launch. There are two variants available for Bajaj Discover 125 and the difference between the two variants is of the disc brake. The lower version doesn’t have disc brake whereas the top model has it. The LED headlamps of the bike are also very attractive. Lastly, the bike is available in 4 different colors.

The engine of Bajaj Discover 125 has a displacement capacity of 124.5cc. This is one of the most powerful engines in the list as it generates 11 bhp of power. The cost is at a little higher side as this bike starts at Rs 57,549 and the top model costs Rs 59,872. Talking about the mileage of the bike, Bajaj Discover offers 82 Kmpl as per the Bajaj’s website

These are some of the best mileage 125 cc bikes. You can choose among these or you can even check out other models. You can even take the test rides and collect more information about the bike before making a final choice.

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