TVS Jupiter Price in India, Colors, Mileage, Review & Specs

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Auto gear scooters are gaining immense popularity among the buyers in India. Not just because of the level of comfort they provide to the users, but also for the number of added benefits they provide in comparison with the bikes. And now when the mileage of the auto gear scooters is almost similar to that of the geared bikes, now it is the best time to switch to the gearless scooters as per your preferences and budget.

TVS Jupiter:- Everything you want to know

TVS has been a renowned brand for the two-wheelers in India and has been producing highly efficient and practical vehicles for the customers. And talking specifically about the popular gearless scooters in the country the TVS Jupiter is getting enough attention from the buyers who have planning to buy a reliable scooter with best-in-class design and features. In this article, we are going to discuss every major point that you should know before buying it for your family. So, be with us, and know more about the amazing TVS Jupiter.

TVS Jupiter Price in India

The first and the most important hat the buyer thinks about while planning to buy a vehicle is the price. So, the price of TVS Jupiter starts with 54,000 (ex-showroom Mumbai). This is a price of the base model of the vehicle and you will be charged for a few more taxes that will make the base model somewhere around 60K on road. The vehicle also has more advanced variants that have extra safety and performance features that add up to the value of the vehicle. So, if you were looking to buy an auto-gear scooter priced roughly at 60K, then Jupiter would be a perfect choice for you. check out more Upcoming scooty under 70000 

TVS Jupiter Specification

Talking about the specification of Jupiter, it is equipped with a fine 109 cc fuel-efficient engine, that has enough power (7.8nm) to deal with the daily traffic and make it a quick highway rider. Along with the efficient engine, Jupiter is equipped with powerful and reliable V-Matic transmission that makes the rides smoother and comfortable than other vehicles in the range.

TVS Jupiter Models

Jupiter is available in three different variants in the market having different features and prices. If you are planning to buy Jupiter for your family, then it is essential that you know the major differences between the variants. Go through them and choose the perfect one for yourself without any confusion in mind.

Jupiter Classic

(Drum Brakes)

Jupiter ZX 

(Disk Brakes, Alloy wheels)

Jupiter Grande

Disk Brakes, Alloy wheels & electric start

TVS Jupiter Colour

Having a preferred scooter in favorite color is a dream of the buyer. However, with limited options in color may disappoint you if you choose other vehicles in this range. The Jupiter is made according to the Indian Buyer’s needs and is available in ten different colors including the metallic and matte colors. The available colors are Titanium Grey, Sparkling Silver, Jade Green, Matter Blue, Mystic Gold, Pristine White, Midnight Black, Volcano Red, Stallion Brown and Royal Wine. So, choose the one according to your preferences and availability in your area.  

TVS Jupiter Review

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With a brilliant and eye-catching design and fuel-efficient engine, there are numerous features and points that make TVS Jupiter a tough competitor for the market leaders. And if you are looking to buy a vehicle that is different from others and has better performance and comfort, then you should once consider buying the TVS Jupiter. With a great range of colors and service networks, Jupiter is a far better choice than most of the other gearless scooters available in the Indian market.

If you are still not convinced whether you should buy it or not, try getting a long test drive of the vehicle at your neared TVS showroom to know about the engine refinement and comfort of the vehicle. Believe us, you are not going to be disappointed by its performance.

TVS Jupiter Mileage

Another important thing that Indian vehicle owners want to know about is mileage. Mileage plays an important deciding factor for most of the buyers and that’s the main reason why people prefer bikes over the gearless scooters. However, with the advent of time, now the gearless scooters have also improved a lot and now, you can expect them to give good mileage in the daily riding situations.

Although the mileage mainly depends on your driving habits and road conditions, Jupiter is one of the most fuel-efficient gearless scooters in the Indian market. Here’s the mileage statistics of the vehicle, go through it and decide whether you should buy the vehicle for you, or not.

  • Highway mileage: 60 KMPL
  • City mileage: 54 KMPL

TVS Jupiter Weight

AS still the gearless scooters are driven by the girls, the ideal curb weight of the vehicle should be lesser than usual without compromising the safety. With a cleverly though off design and material, Jupiter weighs only 108 KG which is lighter than other scooters in the range. So, if you were looking for a lightweight, easy to handle gearless scooter for your family, Jupiter would be an excellent choice for you.

Compare Jupiter vs Honda Activa

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When we talk about two of the most popular 110cc gearless scooters in India, then they would be no other than the Honda Activa and TVS Jupiter. Although they have similar specs and mileage, there are still a few differences in features and efficiency that can help you decide the better ones out of these.

Talking about the power, the Activa is a slightly better performer than the Jupiter due to higher torque (9nm in comparison with Jupiter’s 8nm) and also it has a better mileage in test conditions than the Jupiter. However, the category in which Jupiter beats the Activa with a good margin is the list of features. With the exclusive features like the Digital Ignition, air-cooled engine, and bigger wheels, the Jupiter is better adapted for the Indian traffic and road conditions.

In all, if you were looking for comfort and better stability, TVS Jupiter would be a perfect choice for you.

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